It’s shocking now, when there are hundreds of marijuana seed sellers online, to learn that 35 years ago, only a dozen reliable cannabis seeds companies existed.

Those companies were all in The Netherlands. Few were willing to risk prison to mail cannabis seeds. When you wanted premium, professionally-bred seeds, you had to go to Amsterdam and smuggle the seeds back home.

Out of those few reliable Dutch cannabis seed companies that formed decades ago, only a couple still live up to their heritage and are selling fire strains. The rest are selling schwag.

Dutch Passion, founded in Holland in 1987, is one of the excellent legacy marijuana seeds companies still in business.

Being a legacy marijuana genetics company means you have exclusive genetics from the 1960s and 1970s—before hybridization created a mish-mash of genetics resulting in mostly-mediocre strains.

Dutch Passion founder Henk van Dalen is one of the early high-potency cannabis pioneers. He started collecting and growing marijuana landrace genetics in 1970 while studying biology at Amsterdam University.

His academic and professional career focused on breeding cannabis. Henk is known as one of Holland’s first skilled cannabis breeders. His earliest strain, Passion #1, was one of the first to test at 18% THC—other Dutch strains had yet to top 12%.

Henk opened a cannabis “coffee shop” to sell seeds and buds from his own strains, which included rare Haze and Skunk genetics. When people started coming from all over the world to smoke his buds and buy his seeds, he founded Dutch Passion in 1987.

Growers told Henk about the hardships of growing natural cannabis that produced male plants, pollen, and seeded buds, so he spent ten years perfecting the process that creates feminized marijuana seeds.

More recently, Dutch Passion is the most innovative creator of autoflowering marijuana strains, including the only autoflowering strain I’ve ever truly loved: Auto Cinderella Jack.

This strain tests at 28% THC or higher, and one of its two phenotypes has a cannabis caffeine high perfect for my long-distance athletic activities.

Dutch Passion is an innovator in studying rare cannabinoids such as THCV and THCP with the goal of increasing plant production of these natural chemicals.

THCP is especially fascinating because it has much more binding affinity for your body’s cannabinoid receptors compared to THC. This means a strain with 2-3% THCP could get you higher than a strain with 25% THC!

Dutch Passion is better than all other marijuana seeds companies at providing accurate, comprehensive strain information for growers.

Whoever writes their strain descriptions is a genius, because the strain guides contain massive details about genetic origins, phenotypes, cultivation traits and tactics, and the strain’s high.

Many Dutch Passion website strain descriptions are accompanied by third-party lab tests verifying cannabinoid and terpenoid levels.

We’re testing some of the newest feminized photoperiod Dutch Passion strains. Here’s a sample:

SUGAR BOMB PUNCH: Gotta love the name, which indicates high potency and bud resin frostiness.

SBP was produced by crossing THC Bomb, Critical Orange Punch, and Bubba Island Kush. It produces an Indica-dominant phenotype with heavy yields and highs, and a Sativa-dom phenotype with acceptable yields and a soaring high.

Some bloom phase plants will be ready for harvest after only 50-56 days in bloom. Others are best when they’ve had 56-65 days in bloom.

Expect a very strong, entertaining high from thick, gooey buds with complex scents including lemon, lime, berry, and cherry.

C-VIBEZ is a Sativa-dominant cross of Mad Scientist (Indica) x Voodoo (Sativa). Dutch Passion says they’ve deliberately NOT fully stabilized the strain so growers have the opportunity to select fire phenotypes.

You need 9-13 weeks in bloom phase to get VERY heavy harvests of resinous buds that give you a powerful, long-lasting, stimulating high.

HIFI 4G: This OG Kush bomb is easy to grow, and needs only 56-60 days to give you weighty harvests of dense, rock-hard Kush buds.

You experience the classic Kush high, and Dutch Passion says this strain is especially suited for making and/or listening to music.

One of the really cool things about Dutch Passion is their grower support and education. Their website contains grower photos and grow diaries documenting strain performance.

I recommend contacting Dutch Passion with details about your grow op and marijuana growing goals to see which strains they recommend.

The main thing to know is Dutch Passion is one of few cannabis seeds banks creating fire new strains that are 100% reliable and worth growing. Take a look at their vast seeds menu, and you’re sure to find strains that’ll put a smile on your face and a pile of money in your pocket.