Do you love Jack Herer and other Haze marijuana strains? Well, you might be surprised to hear it, but the most potent, easy to grow and high-yielding Jack Herer variant we’ve yet discovered is an autoflowering strain called Cinderella Jack, made by Dutch Passion.

Last time we counted, there were at least 975 named cannabis strains offered by seed and clone companies worldwide. Obviously we haven’t grown all or even most of those strains. However, our team has grown strains from more than a hundred marijuana seeds companies, and I network with growers who’ve grown strains from dozens of companies different than the ones I’ve bought from.

I also contact marijuana seeds companies and ask about their marijuana genetics, breeding programs, seed germination rates, phenotype consistency and customer service policies.

What I’ve discovered is that only a small number of marijuana seeds companies are professional and legit.

That’s because the marijuana seeds industry is a totally unregulated industry.

Anybody can chuck some pollen at female flowers, harvest the seeds, call them Blue Dream, Silver Haze, OG Kush, Chemdawg, Lemon Skunk, or some other popular name or variation thereof…and sell them.

There’s a lot of grifting and corruption. It’s a seedy industry.

You deserve to get the results advertised when you invest your valuable money, time and risk growing weed.  The good news is you can count on Growing Marijuana Perfectly to discover the finest cannabis seed strains and breeders.

The Fastest Jack Herer Haze Ever

Take a look at the beautiful buds and compact stature of the Jack Herer-derived strain in this article’s photo. It was bred by Dutch Passion–one of the foundational Dutch cannabis seeds companies.

They were making marijuana seeds 30+ years ago when the only marijuana seeds companies were in The Netherlands. Their founder helped pioneer autoflowering and feminized seeds.

Even after the Dutch government became right-wing and anti-cannabis in the early 2000s and started trying to shut down Holland’s cannabis coffee shops and grow ops industries, Dutch Passion stayed in the game, preserving its rare genetics, mother plants, and male pollen plants.

I’ve tested 17 Dutch Passion seed strains in the last five years. Almost all have been high-quality strains and some have been absolutely wonderful. Their Auto Cinderella Jack is one of the wonderful ones.

I’ve germinated 27 Autoflowering Cinderella Jack seeds from different seed orders in the past four years and had 100% germination rate, and the plants have grown out to mostly identical to each other. That kind of germination rate and phenotype consistency is very desirable, and very rare.

Auto Cindy Jack was created by a Dutch Passion breeding project in concert with Spain’s Buddha Seeds company, another breeder known for creating quality cannabis seeds. Dutch Passion works with top-rank collaborators such as Jorge Cervantes, Buddha Seeds, The CBD Crew, The Joint Doctor and others to do creative breeding of exceptional cannabis strains.

The Dutch Passion team approached Buddha Seeds because Buddha was an early European pioneer in developing high-yielding autoflowering strains. The project goal was to make a super-strong autoflowering marijuana strain, with very high levels of THC.

The team selected original Jack Herer and Cinderella 99 strains as their core genetics for this new project. These are notable old-school strains with distinctive highs.

Jack Herer is a legendary Haze hybrid that includes genetics from the also-famous Northern Lights and Skunk strains.

It’s very popular in part because it has high resin production, powerful Haze taste and scent, a complex high, and relatively heavy yields, with all the psychoactive characteristics you expect from a real Haze.

Dutch Passion told me professional lab analysis was used at each stage of breeding to confirm high-THC foundation genetics during the lengthy Auto Cinderella Jack breeding project.

Photoperiod Jack Herer and Cinderella 99 plants were interbred with Buddha’s “Magnum” autoflower genetics.  Magnum is a 3-way Sativa-dominant autoflowering hybrid that’s usually ready for harvest  85 days after seed germination.

Dutch Passion has tested dozens of Auto Cinderella Jack plants and found THC levels always higher than 20%, with some as high as 26%. That’s higher than most photoperiod strains.

Growing Auto Cinderella Jack Outdoors & Indoors

I’ve grown Auto Cinderella Jack plants from seeds ordered at different times over a three-year period.

The 100% germination rate and uniform phenotype consistency I got from these plants indicates that multiple batches of seeds were very strictly quality-controlled.

With some seed companies, I’ve ordered a strain and had one batch of seeds perform as advertised, but plants grown from a different order of the same strain performed miserably.

This shows that that particular seed company doesn’t have good quality protocols.

What’s worse is when a company like that refuses to refund you or provide a replacement set of seeds that grow properly. I’ve never had any of these problems with Dutch Passion.

I grew several Auto Cindy Jack plants outdoors, using soilless mix and white-colored cloth pots. Outdoor growing is a serious test of a strain’s resilience and stamina. Autoflowering plants do best with 18-20 hours of light per day from start to finish.

But in my outdoor grow op, they received at most 7-10 hours of direct sunlight per day, and only a couple of hours of dawn and dusk indirect, ambient light each day.

They were subjected to rain, high winds, rapid temperature variations, aphids, spider mites, caterpillars, extreme heat, and gray mold.

Auto Cindy Jack is naturally resistant to sucking insects such as mites and aphids, and to gray mold. Other strains grown in the same outdoor location were much more likely to attract and be severely damaged by these attackers.

Under tough outdoor conditions, the plants did very well. They showed pre-flowering within 2-3 weeks of germination and peak bloom arrived a week later.

I often top autoflowering plants, but given the harsh conditions these were experiencing, I let them grow naturally.

Their natural shape wasn’t the Christmas tree or single-cola shape one often sees.

Instead, they had a large main cola, grew into round bushes between 3-4 feet high at maximum height, and had a dozen or so main sub-colas on the top tier of growth and several more colas arrayed lower on the plant.

The plants all looked and performed exactly the same—which is a rarity. Another rarity was the tall height–several plants were at least 170 centimeters tall and very wide, which made for heavy harvests.

Dutch Passion’s impeccable official spokesperson Tony explained that breeding for the highest possible THC percentages was the main goal for this strain, so it’s a bonus that the Cindy Jack taste and scent are a delicious mix of pine, turpentine, sandalwood, and citrus.

Depending on what time of day and what time of bloom phase, a distinctive Haze smell was present in varying degrees.

For the first couple of weeks after flowering starts, the buds look scraggly and hempy. I was worried they might be dud buds. But all of a sudden the buds started to fill out beautifully, with minimal leaf in them, some as long as 6-7 inches with a diameter of up to two inches.

Resin gland percentages were off the charts, and the buds reminded me more of Cinderella 99 buds than Jack Herer buds.

My harvest window outdoors was 83 to 95 days after germination, which is slightly longer than what Dutch Passion estimates. The highest-yielding plant gave me 131 grams of premium bud, while the lowest-yielding gave me 99 grams.

These were impressive yields for low-maintenance plants grown outdoors that didn’t receive anywhere near the 18-20 hours of light per day which is the optimum light dosage for autoflowering.

I’ve grown Auto Cinderella Jack plants indoors in soilless mix in irrigated hydroponics system under 18 hours per day from LED grow lights, with UV-B light added during the last three hours of lights-on every day beginning with peak bloom.

They showed pre-flowering slightly earlier than the outdoor plants did, grew faster, and were bushier.

I topped the indoor plants when I saw pre-flowering but it made little difference in morphology—the plants grew out pretty much the same as the outdoor pheno did—multiple-cola with a thick, taller main cola.

The smell of the indoor buds was identical to the scent of the outdoor-grown, but the indoor buds were longer, stickier, and larger in diameter than the outdoor buds had been.

The earliest indoor plant was ready for harvest 80 days after germination. The last one I harvested 98 days after germination. The lowest indoor yield per plant was 101 grams and the highest yield was 157 grams.

This is very rewarding harvest weight from autoflowering plants that only took about three months for their entire life cycle, and these buds needed minimal trimming, because there was so little leaf in the buds.

Auto Cinderella Jack is a moderate feeder. When I applied the manufacturer’s full recommended dose of bloom phase nutrients and supplements, which totaled out at around 1200 parts per million, it created leaf tip burning, so I backed off to about 800 parts per million, and alternated with a mini-flush every 2-4 feedings.

In my most recent Cinderella Jack indoor grow, I had to reduce my light cycle to 14 hours per day (instead of the usual 18-20 recommended for autoflowering) to get the plants to fully trigger into bloom phase.

Getting High with Cindy Jack

I grow at least a dozen or more of the top cannabis strains per year, using a very strict and detailed way of evaluating psychoactive effects and desirability.

The Auto Cinderella Jack usually produces a very long-lasting, energizing and creative high, reminding me of some of the more Sativa-esque Jack Herer phenotypes I’ve grown and used.

If you let it grow too long before harvesting, however, it produces a crushing body high!

It isn’t a high for novice cannabis consumers or people with anxiety disorders, because it’s so THC-potent. In fact, I shared Cindy Jack with an experienced user and he got paranoid and overly stimulated.

The strain has medical benefits such as euphoria, pain relief, and increased energy. Auto Cindy Jack is one of those “ceilingless strains” that gets you higher and higher the more you consume and doesn’t cause a hard crash burnout.

I often use this strain before strenuous exercise such as bicycling or power yoga. The taste of buds vaporized and combusted is spicy and delicious, as is the Hazy smell of the stored buds.

I’ve grown several photoperiod Jack Herer strains, including the alleged original made by Sensi Seeds.

I am not a fan of Sensi Seeds. Their founder, Ben Dronkers, is a cannabis legend—when he was in control of Sensi Seeds 25 years ago, he made sure that the company’s strains were reliable and their customer service was professional.

He retired, and Sensi has become an overpriced ripoff.

Sensi’s photoperiod Jack Herer seeds cost way more per seed than Auto Cinderella Jack, and some are regular seeds rather than feminized, which increases overall costs of using those strains compared to growing a feminized autoflowering variety.

Other seed companies stipulate a 50-75 day bloom phase for their Jack Herer strains. That broad bloom phase range indicates what I discovered—those Jack Herer strains are likely to have 3-5 phenotypes that range from Indica-dominant to Sativa-dominant, and with varying degrees of authentic Haze/Herer scent and high.

Contrast this with Dutch Passion’s Auto Cinderella Jack, which only produces one phenotype, with a minor variation in height.

Photoperiod Herer strains took longer from seed to harvest than Dutch Passion’s Auto Cinderella Jack, but their yields weren’t significantly heavier, nor were the psychoactive effects significantly as enjoyable.

Given that Auto Cinderella Jack is more reliable, and easier to grow, I’ll grow it rather than a photoperiod Jack Herer the next time I want Herer-Haze magic.

Of all the strains I’ve grown recently, this Dutch Passion winner is in my top tier because it’s easy to grow, phenotype-reliable, high-yielding, goes from seed to harvest in a little more than three months, comes from all-female seeds, and produces a kind high.

If you love Haze strains such as Jack Herer, and/or Cindy 99, get Dutch Passion Auto Cinderella Jack seeds and have an easy grow that gives you the best of both.