Editor’s Note: Since this article was written, the legendary marijuana seeds breeder Subcool has passed away, and his strains are no longer available. Click here to read the tragic circumstances of his untimely death. We decided to leave this article online to honor Subcool…

Subcool, the High Times award-winning North American cannabis seeds guru and YouTube Weed Nerd reality television star is now being called the “King of CBD.” Take a look at the article’s photo of a mountain of pure CBD crystal Subcool is now selling to anyone in America via his website. Looks yummy, right?

“Medical cannabis has always been a primary focus of mine,” Subcool explains. “It helps war veterans deal with PTSD and other injuries, and it’s a curative and restorative for millions of other people. Cannabidiol is a big reason for why cannabis helps people so much. I’m helping people grow their own CBD, and procure the best laboratory-made CBD extracts too.”

Subcool’s CBD Marijuana Strains

Subcool’s cannabis seeds company used to be called TGA Genetics, but it’s now called “Subcool’s The Dank.” You find four high-CBD strains on his website, and each one is well worth growing. Here’s a brief grower’s guide to each of them:

  • Harliqueen is a high-CBD hybrid that combines high-CBD Harlequin with Subcool’s signature strain, Space Queen. Harliqueen has Colombian Gold, Romulan, Thai Sativa Haze and high-mountain landrace CBD genetics on board. The precursor strain Harlequin is known as a high-CBD Sativa, and Harliqueen is Sativa-dominant too, but it has a relatively short bloom phase of 55-60 days, yields heavy like an Indica, and grows out bushy and sturdy rather than tall and lanky. The ratio of CBD to THC is approximately 1:1, and the buds have a delicious scent of cherries, cranberry, and pomegranate. Subcool says: “Give it a little extra time in grow phase and be prepared for branch-bending buds.”
  • Hurkle is a high-CBD strain made by crossing Harlequin with Querkle. This strain is a 1:1 ration strain, which means it has roughly equal amounts of THC and CBD. It’s high in myrcene, a terpenoid that accentuates cannabinoid effects. Subcool says this strain is resistant to powdery mildew, needs a little extra time in grow phase, and can produce very heavy yields of pyramid-shaped buds after 56-60 days in bloom phase.
  • Pennywise is the flagship CBD strain in Subcool’s arsenal. It took his team several years of breeding and testing with Harelquin and Jack the Ripper to create a strain that produces high percentages of CBD and THC and has a delicious flavor that runs the gamut from bubblegum to lemon to pepper. You could see four phenotypes from this strain, but most of the variation is in the color and shape of the buds—some go purple, others stay lime green. Expect 56-65 days in bloom phase to harvest dense, heavy buds that taste kind of like the lemony/turpentine Jack the Ripper taste with black pepper thrown in.
  • Deadlights is my favorite of Subcool’s four high-CBD strains. It has the most complex breeding profile of any of them: Cannatonic (AC/DC phenotype) x Harlequin x Pluton x Purple Haze x Lambsbread x NL x Jack Herer x Romulan x Cindy99. This complexity shows up in only good ways. For one thing, the strain has phenomenal taste, smell and yield. Deadlights is easy to grow. When I do a mixed grow op with several strains, Deadlights is always the strain that’s easiest to grow, most vigorous, and most productive. The strain has been naturally resistant to gray mold in my grow ops, which is a big benefit, given that the buds are thick although not too large in diameter.
  • You see more resin glands on Deadlights buds than on typical high-CBD strains, and you can harvest between 56-65 days, with the Cindy99 genetics leaning towards the 56 rather than the 65. I suggest topping the strain at least once, and feeding carbohydrates and extra phosphorus and potassium in starting in early peak bloom. There are at least three phenotypes of this strain and two of them will get you higher than a kite while also providing a substantial CBD punch. One phenotype appears to be all CBD and no THC, as you only get the pain relief, sedation, and overall calm of CBD and terpenoids, but no THC high.

Subcool’s CBD Crystals With Added Terpenoids

Subcool got famous as a marijuana seeds guru and the first-ever Weed Nerd helping people grow their own cannabinoids. He finally decided to help the many people who contacted him to say they were too sick or otherwise unable to grow their own cannabidiol. He did an expensive, extensive search for a professional extract lab that makes CBD extracts for him to retail on his website. After sampling dozens of extract products from a vast number of labs, he settled on CBD products that come in the form of shatter and “crumble.”

“The best CBD products are coming out of Colorado,” Subcool explains. “Hemp is big there and so is the business of producing CBD. CBD is a compound and it doesn’t matter if it’s extracted from hemp or ‘drug cannabis.” What matters is processing and quality control. Pure CBD is pure CBD, no matter what type of plant it came from. You want to see the actual lab test results before buying any extracts. I sampled many inferior, cheap products that have crap in them. My crumble and shatter are made using C02 extraction. They’re 100% clean and less than 0.3% THC, which makes them legal in all 50 states. Great for dabbing, people just put them on top of a small bed of buds or ash and fire them up. People also combine them with high-THC buds to get a synergistic effect.”

Subcool provides crumble that has cannabinol and cannabigerol added in with the CBD, and shatter flavors with terpenoids added in.

“The addition of terpenoids and non-CBD cannabinoids creates an entourage effect that gives you more benefits than just consuming CBD by itself,” Subcool notes. “We’ve added in terpenoids from beloved strains such as Girl Scout Cookies, Gelato and Jesus OG Kush to give you extra flavor and medical effects. More flavors will come.”

Subcool emphasizes that CBD is acknowledged as a medicine and is providing millions of people with safe relief from pain, insomnia, PTSD, spasms, depression, anxiety and many other disorders.

“The cannabis plant is far safer and more effective than any pharmaceutical it competes with. For people who want the best of both worlds, my high-CBD strains contain at least some THC. For those who want to avoid THC effects, my shatter and crumble are pure CBD medicines. My prices for shatter and crumble are lower than most other sellers, but my quality is the highest of any seller. You can order direct through my website, and I suggest you do it soon, because we keep selling out our stock as fast as we get it! The same goes for our seeds. I’m glad I have CBD to keep me calm as I try to keep up with the relentless demand for CBD products and seeds.”