Breeder Paul, the founder and owner of New420Guy Seeds company, is a seed industry guy growers love to talk to because he loves cannabis, cannabis breeding, rare strains, and growing marijuana from seed as much as we do.

I first heard about him from professional growers and seed breeders. They told me he’s 100% honest, reliable and fair, which is unfortunately something you can’t say about all cannabis seeds industry people.

They also said New420Guy Seeds has a very wide range of premium cannabis genetics from high-CBD to the highest THC. These are genetics nobody else has, they reported, and his prices are lower than those of most other seed companies.

And when Growing Marijuana Perfectly spoke to Paul, we discovered he’s well-respected because he’s a refreshingly helpful, honest, diligent and intelligent seed industry magnate.

Paul told us he began breeding cannabis to make his own strains in Mendocino County in Northern California’s famous Emerald Triangle cannabis region during the 1980s. He learned to breed cannabis from long-time growers and breeders who had decades of experience.

His earliest breeding work was for practical purposes: he had to make seeds for next year’s crops. This meant keeping at least one premium male plant alive, collecting its pollen, and pollinating selective branches on the most attractive female phenotypes in his gardens.

“I had a knack for making fire marijuana seeds and strains, and pretty soon growers were asking if they could buy my seeds from me,” Paul recalls. “Didn’t take long before more and more cultivators were buying my seeds, and I realized making and selling seeds was a good service for growers and could be profitable. Cannabis seeds are a necessity, and people are paying big money to get them shipped from overseas, which is risky. I figured I could make strains and seeds that were as good as if not better than anything else available, and they’d be available from a U.S. breeder instead of risking overseas shipping hassles and government intercepts. Pretty soon, I was breeding and selling marijuana seeds full time.”

Most growers don’t understand the full story of how the cannabis seeds industry works. There are two kinds of seed companies. One kind has one breeder or a few together who make a limited range of cannabis seed strains.

The other kind is like New420Guy, run by a cannabis seeds aggregator like Breeder Paul who breeds his own seeds but also sources premium seeds made by dozens of other breeders.

This means New420Guy offers a range and variety of marijuana seeds you can’t get from most seed companies.

“I’ve met the most excellent breeders along the way, and asked them to join me in my venture to bring the quality genetics to the public for a fair price. Now I have a fantastic breeder/tester team of nearly three dozen really great men and women who share my burning desire to make great seeds and share them with the world,” Paul explains. “Some of my guys, like Rab Stuberg, work strictly on CBD strains. Others specialize in high-THC strains. Most members of my team have been breeding cannabis for many many years, and many of them have their own brand or company name for promoting their own seeds. Rab’s seed company is Seattle Chronic, for example.”


Breeder Paul said he and his team work super hard to get rare cuts and seeds from all over the world. They build their networking through the company’s popular Facebook group, Instagram, and other media channels.

“We purchase the rarest clones and trade seeds with private breeders to get hard-to-find genetics. We procure heritage seeds from long-time seed companies to make new strains from them. It doesn’t take that long to make a new strain–but to perfect a new strain can take years. You have to grow the developing strain over and over to find the most desirable phenotypes, and use them to develop the strain into exactly what you want. This means finding the best male and female plants, and working with successive generations of breeding to stabilize the strains so they’re 100% unique, potent, and reliable. We usually offer at least 50 different strains,” Paul explained.

Paul is proud that his company offers genetics that we haven’t seen before. One of these specialties is non-feminized auto-flowering strains.

We’ve never seen a seed company other than Paul’s company selling autoflowering strains that grow out to be male and female plants. Most autoflowering strains are feminized.

Paul’s non-feminized strains give growers the rare ability to breed their own autoflowering strains.

New420Guy Seeds has reliable, potent feminized and non-feminized autoflowering and photoperiod cannabis strains we’ve never seen before, as well as classic Sativa, Indica, and Kush strains that Paul’s team reworked to make them better than the famous originals.

What’s even more exciting for cannabis connoisseur seeds collectors is that New420Guy Seeds also sells rare landrace seeds such as a Santa Marta Colombian Gold in-bred strain, a Danish Sativa called Piebert, Mazar-I-Sharif, and an original Durban Poison direct from Africa.

These landrace seeds are extremely rare and in short supply, so savvy growers make a habit of scrutinizing Paul’s online listings daily, and buying as many rare seeds as they can as fast as they can.

Paul’s company is popular because he has seeds and strains nobody else has, produced by an eclectic, talented team of breeders who each has his or her own specialized genetics.

An added benefit is that Paul is very generous with low prices, contests, free seed bonuses, and bling giveaways.

Further, Paul is dedicated to friendly customer service and strict quality control.

“As a grower myself, I know growers count on seeds to have 100% germination rate, and grow out to be exactly what the seed company specifies. With other seed companies, even some of the most famous ones, that isn’t always the case. But I make sure that we constantly test our seeds and are rigorous about quality control. With other seed companies, you might get stale seeds, seeds that don’t all germinate, or seeds that don’t grow out to match the strain description. When you buy from us, you get fresh seeds with stabilized genetics that grow the way you want them to,” Paul says.

Paul emphasizes that another component of his increasing success is his focus on customer satisfaction.

“We have an extremely fast shipping policy,” Paul says. “We work hard to process and ship orders the same day they’re received, depending on payment method used. Our orders shipped to growers inside the United States aren’t coming from overseas seed sellers, so they don’t have to go through U.S. Customs, where seeds are often delayed or even seized. This can be a security risk, so ordering from my company makes you safer, as we ship from inside the USA. We stand behind our products one hundred percent. If a grower isn’t happy with their seeds for valid reasons, we make things right. Most seed companies aren’t responsive enough if at all to customer needs, grower-centered service is one that that makes my seed company a pleasure for growers to work with.”

Paul also explained the hidden hardships of being an honest seed breeder and broker in a seedy industry. Like most other ethical cannabis seeds businesspeople I’ve talked to, Paul has had very harsh experiences due to sleazy cannabis seeds people who ripped him off.

One sub-contractor sold him thousands of defective seeds. He didn’t learn they were defective until growers told him.

Paul nearly went broke sending growers high-quality seeds to replace the bad ones.

For a while, he was worried about being able to survive.

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Talking to Breeder Paul, we hear the refreshing enthusiasm, marijuana passion and professionalism we wish was much more present in the marijuana seeds industry.

Check out New420Guy Seeds and get in touch with Paul today.

He’s very friendly, knowledgeable and ethical, and you’re sure to procure powerhouse genetics you love to grow.