Florida used to be one of the main marijuana smuggling and growing states in America. Back before most of you were born, smugglers dropped megatons of bales of Colombian, Jamaican, and Mexican cannabis from planes and off-loaded them from boats all along Florida’s coastlines.

Growers took advantage of the state’s once-tropical climate with heavy rainfall and sunshine to grow monster marijuana plants. It was easy to fill huge tires with soil or hydroponics material and float them in freshwater swamps, where the plants grew 10-20 feet tall.

These days, Florida has monopolistic medical marijuana legislation that allows a handful of wealthy investors and companies to grow and sell mediocre marijuana to people who don’t know what fire marijuana is.

We’ve sampled Florida legal dispensary marijuana and like dispensary marijuana in most places, it’s overdried, commercial, not connoisseur. Nowhere near as good as what you can grow for yourself.

The really funny thing is Florida’s governor, an obnoxious twit and war criminal who wants to be president and is known as “Tallahassee Mussolini,” uses a slogan claiming Florida is the freest state in the country.

Well, it’s true that in Florida you’re free to carry a gun, shoot innocent people, then get away with it via Florida’s “stand your ground” law.

You’re free to pave over paradise and create a hellish urban landscape and a dying Gulf of Mexico.

What you aren’t free to do is grow your own marijuana.

If you’re a woman, you’re not allowed to control your reproductive choices. The governor believes he controls your womb.

If you’re a public school teacher, you’re not allowed to deliver honest information about American history, especially about slavery and other violent racism. You’re also not allowed to share age-appropriate, internationally-acclaimed books and movies with students.

The governor and his Republican Party passed laws so that if even one parent complains about a book, the book is banned.

If you’re a gay or lesbian teacher, you can’t mention, or put up photos, of your same-sex partner. Of course, heterosexual white teachers are encouraged to share their personal lives with students, as are Christian Nationalist teachers who preach the gospel of Trump and guns.

Florida teachers aren’t allowed to present affirming information by or about LGTBQ people. They’re even required to report LGBTQ people to government and other authorities.

Trans people are especially criminalized. As with women, Florida’s governor and Republican Party wants to tell Floridians what they can and can’t do with their bodies, and interfere with their patient-physician relationships.

If you’re the state’s biggest employer (Disney), you’re not allowed to criticize the governor’s anti-LGBTQ and racist policies and laws.

You’re also not allowed to find out where Tallahassee Mussolini, known also as Ron DeSantis or Ron DeSatan, has been getting the millions of dollars of secret money he’s using to run his presidential campaign.

One of the corporate profiteers making money from Florida’s medical marijuana law is sponsoring a ballot measure for the 2024 election that would legalize recreational marijuana sales by corporate profiteers.

Mr. Freedom, Ron DeSatan, does not want you free to buy recreational marijuana, and he sure as hell doesn’t want you growing it!

Yes, it’s a shocker that Mr. Florida Freedom has a long history of lying about marijuana, and he opposes the marijuana ballot measure.

He says marijuana is fatal for kids, while at the same time promoting an armed Florida where gun violence that harms children is rampant.

Following DeSatan’s orders, Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody has vowed to do everything possible to stop voters from voting on legalizing commercial recreational marijuana sales.

Moody is a fascist biatch who uses her political and governmental power to take away people’s harmless freedoms and make Florida one of the most oppressive, dangerous states to live in.

Her husband is a DEA agent, and we all know the DEA has been lying about marijuana and harming hundreds of thousands of people with its war on marijuana for decades.

If Moody had ethics, she’d recuse herself from any issue related to illegal drugs, because her husband’s job creates a conflict of interest that puts her impartiality into doubt.

Moody is a rabid fan of one of America’s most dangerous criminals: Donald Trump. When Trump’s Mar-a-Lardo estate was raided by federal law enforcement because the traitor stole top-secret documents and refused to give them back, Moody said it was unfair and whined about it for weeks.

Now she’s asking the Florida Supreme Court to disqualify the recreational marijuana ballot measure so it never makes it to the voters.

Given that DeSatan has stacked the Supreme Court with right-wingers, one wonders if they’ll honor the little guy’s “Florida is Freedom” campaign slogan and allow the ballot measure to be voted on by voters.

If Ashley and Ronny get their way and defeat the ballot measure, the new Florida slogan will be “Florida: Freedom for some people but definitely not marijuana people.”

The sad thing is the proposed so-called legalization is just another corporate greed effort.

All it would do is allow Florida corporate cannabis growers and sellers to sell more crappy corporate cannabis. It’s not like Michigan’s law, which allows you to grow as many as 12 plants. Michigan has it right, although we wish there was no limit on how many plants you can grow at home.

Florida’s ballot measure is yet another way the government assists profiteers seeking to steal the marijuana industry from black market growers and sellers who created it.

The cool thing is it doesn’t matter to Florida connoisseur fire marijuana growers what Ashley Moody, her DEA husband, and Governor DeSatan do–Florida cannabis cultivators will keep on growing marijuana at home that’s way better than any buds you could buy in a dispensary!