Humboldt Seed Company (HSC) buds smell so good you want to eat them.

That’s definitely true for their newest strain, released at the end of 2022, the ridiculously tasty and potent Blueberry Pancakes.

Produced in collaboration with one of California’s premier legal clone nurseries, Wave Rider Nursery located in beautiful Monterey Bay, this 31% THC dessert strain should be on your grow room menu right away.

As with most HSC strains, this one contains proprietary genetics not found anywhere else and is the product of massive phenotype hunts examining thousands of plants for the most special individuals.

Blueberry Pancakes is its own phenotype, but was crossed with Slurricane and P.P.D. (otherwise known as Purple Panty Dropper) to create the incredible finalized Blueberry Pancakes HSC is offering you.

The genetics embedded in this strain are astoundingly rare and varied…

Slurricane comes from Do-Si-Dos and Purple Punch.

P.P.D. is an original Humboldt Seed Company strain combining Matanuska Mist, Oregon Grape, Purple Haze, AK-47, White Widow and other genetics. P.P.D. used to be called Purple Panty Dropper because it produces aphrodisiac effects, and there are many stories of exotic sexual experiences assisted by P.P.D.

The primordial Blueberry Pancakes–before Wave Rider and HSC improved it–contains a ton of elite genetics in its backstory, including Triple OG, Stardawg, Subcool’s Jack the Ripper, Blueberry Muffin, and many other desirable strains.

If you’re a breeder yourself and want a complex feminized seed strain to tease out rare genetic lines, you’ll love Blueberry Pancakes.

HSC and Wave Rider engineered this strain during several developmental generations to be easy to grow, heavy-yielding, and ultra-potent.

The buds develop weight and resin glands quickly, giving you a sweet syrupy smell, and bright green colas tinged with purple.

When you hit the strain in a precision vaporizer below combustion temperature, it tastes like a sugary blueberry pie, or blueberry syrup. Delicious!

The strain is described as Indica, but the high is not a crushing sedative, more like a comforting burst of prolonged pure happiness.

Be advised that 31% THC is a startling potency and should be used with caution. Experienced users will easily handle the one-hit strength and the uplifting but somehow also calming high.

You need only 60 days in bloom phase before you harvest these beautiful buds, which are sure to become favorites for your friends and customers.

We’re always excited when Humboldt Seed Company releases a new strain, so be the first grower in your neighborhood to get hold of this tasty, stony treat!