Imagine you’re a ten-year-old girl. An evil bastard rapes you and you become pregnant in today’s GOP-controlled Ohio.

The very fact that a ten-year-old girl can even get pregnant is partly due to acceleration of female puberty onset, created by chemicals and hormones in animal-based foods.

Puberty onset used to be at least age 11 or older for most if not all girls.

So now you’ve been raped and you’re pregnant. Maybe you know it instinctively, or maybe a doctor explains it to you, but a ten year old body is not ready to handle nine hard months of gestating a fetus, nor is a ten year old’s pelvis or vagina ready to handle the brutal expansion created by childbirth’s forceful expulsion of the fetus from the womb.

Gestation and childbirth always injure females no matter their age. Female mortality from gestation and childbirth has always been and is now a major cause of injury and death for females.

And yet, Republican fetus worshipers have explicitly stated that the raped little kid should be forced to birth the rape baby.

Some even said a rape baby would be a “blessing from God,” an “opportunity for the mother,” and “the next president of the United States.”

Anyone with a brain easily sees that Nature, evolution, “God,” whatever you want to call it, has given women almost all the reproductive burden for our species.

All a man has to do is inject sperm into a woman. After that, biology doesn’t require anything else from the man.

It is the female whose body swells up like a balloon while the fetus, which functions as a parasite, feeds off the woman’s body until it becomes so large and dangerous to her that it has to be purged via natural childbirth or surgery.

After childbirth, it is the female, not the male, who produces milk through her breasts and is tasked with having the newborn suck her breasts, which is not always the most pleasant of experiences.

The male who impregnated the female does nothing biologically to contribute to the process after making his sperm donation. Females alone pay the VERY high price for human reproduction.

In today’s America, where The Handmaid’s Tale is becoming non-fiction, the terrorized, injured, raped ten year old girl is forced to leave Ohio for another state so the rape fetus can be terminated.

Why does the rape victim have to leave Ohio? Because the Supreme Court (SCOTUS), dominated by right-wing religious fanatics who are imposing their version of “Christianity” on all of us, have given backwards states like Ohio the right to ban all abortion even in cases of rape, incest or when the mother will be severely injured or die if the pregnancy continues.

In the case of the actual raped, pregnant ten year old Ohio girl, it gets even worse. Here’s what I mean…

After the tiny rape victim was forced to flee her Ohio home to seek medical care in Indiana, where abortion is still somewhat legal, Republican politicians, Fox News, and other right-wing jerks publicly claimed the girl was not raped, not forced to flee the state to get an abortion.

Prominent politicians and officials including Ohio Republican Congressmember Jim Jordan and Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost publicly stated the rape report was a lie, just something made up by pro-abortion folks to illustrate how sick and cruel the SCOTUS overturn of Roe v. Wade is.

Yost  told Fox News his office had not seen evidence of the incident being true. “We have regular contact with prosecutors and local police and sheriff’s. Not a whisper anywhere,” Yost said.

Shortly after Yost’s remarks, Jordan, on Twitter in a since-deleted tweet, said of the rape report, “Another lie. Anyone surprised?”

But of course reality has a way of confounding liars.  Police caught an illegal immigrant named Gerson Fuentes, who had apparently been living with the little girl and her mother.

Fuentes, listed in reports as being 27 years old, allegedly confessed to the rape.

Imagine the horror of being the raped 10-year-old Ohio girl who crossed state lines to get an abortion, hearing Republican liars slag you, and your mother goes on the Telemundo television network to defend the rapist while admitting her daughter was nine years old when she was raped.

“Everything that they’re saying against him [the rapist] is a lie,” this feckless wretch of a mother said of Fuentes, who confessed during police interviews to raping the youngster at least twice, according to court records and officials.

This heartless “mom,” who hid her face when speaking to Telemundo in Spanish, proudly stated that she had not wanted charges filed against her daughter’s rapist!

Indiana’s Republican attorney general is publicly promising a criminal investigation into the doctor who performed the abortion, and has apparently defamed the doctor in other statements!

This same doctor was warned by the FBI of a credible domestic terrorist threat against her and her daughter, made by anti-abortion activists, after she was singled out on an anti-women’s rights website promoted by Coney Barrett.

After President Joe Biden signed executive orders ensuring women can get emergency abortion care when pregnancy endangers their life, indicted Texass Attorney General Ken Paxton sued the Biden administration, specifically to ensure that a pregnant woman is PREVENTED from getting emergency care to save her life!

This led to a woman who suffered a miscarriage being denied life-saving medical care in a Texas hospital.

San Antonio-based Dr. Jessian Munoz said a patient had miscarried and developed “a dangerous womb infection.”

The fetus had no chance of survival, but Munoz was legally barred from trying to remove it, so the patient suffered for hours while she “lost multiple liters of blood” and had to be put on a breathing machine.

“We physically watched her get sicker and sicker and sicker,” said Munoz, who said his team operated on the patient a full day later than they should have, delayed by Texas’ anti-abortion laws.

Also in Texas, a woman was forced to walk around with a DEAD FETUS inside her for two weeks, because doctors are afraid of the Texas laws.

This kind of sickening trauma is playing out all across America in Republican-dominated states where abortion bans immediately went into effect as soon as SCOTUS overturned Roe v. Wade.

How crazy can it get? A Wisconsin Walgreens pharmacy employee refused to sell condoms to a married couple, saying it violates his religious beliefs.

Women are scared, terrorized, even dying because of anti-abortion laws.

Unwanted children are born to women who don’t want to be mothers but are forced by lack of abortion clinics to gestate fetuses and go through the hell of childbirth.

Or they turn to illegal abortions, like they did before Roe v. Wade, where they’re often injured or die.

And here’s another fact often omitted from discussion about abortion rights: every human born inherently sucks down huge amounts of the planet’s biosphere and generates tons of pollution.

Every human born to a woman who would have rather terminated the pregnancy will contribute to climate change and anthropogenic mass extinction as we all do, but will also suffer emotionally and many other ways.

The need for a caring, loving mother is built in to humans. When a child is born in circumstances where the mother wanted an abortion but was prevented from getting one, either the child will be lied to their entire life so they believe they were a planned, loved, wanted child, or someday there will have to be a very painful, honest discussion, explaining to the person that their mom would have preferred not to be pregnant.

To be raised in foster care or by a mother who did not want to make a child is a very hurtful situation, even in the best of circumstances.

Abortion opponents want contraceptives, condoms banned. They say an unfertilized egg or a fetus are “babies.”

Which is just about as true as saying an acorn is an oak tree, a tadpole is a frog, a cow is a grilled steak.

So what does this have to do with marijuana?

Here is the main connection between abortion rights and marijuana rights: body autonomy.

These issues also intersect with the right to self-decided euthanasia, the right to die. The same people who oppose your right to manage your womb, also oppose your right to die peacefully when you have a terminal disease, or to use cannabis.

It is this simple—these people believe they have the right to tell you what you can do to and inside your own body.

Starting when marijuana prohibition was instituted in the United States in 1937 and continuing to this day, given that marijuana is still totally illegal federally and is not totally legal even in the most “legalized” marijuana states, the government is telling you that you can’t grow or ingest a specific plant.

When did the government decide it could tell you what to do with your own body, or what plants to grow?

Two hundred years ago in America, there were no restrictions on plants or plant drugs, including cannabis and opium poppies. There was a time when coca was in Coca-Cola and heroin was in medicines sold at pharmacies, carnivals, street corners.

But gradually, the government decided it can tell you what to do with your body.

For example, during the Vietnam War era, the government told young men, mostly poor and minority young men, that they’d be sent to kill and be killed in Vietnam.

Males 18 and older were required by law to register with the government and be available for mandatory participation in killing people they did not know.

If they refused to give their bodies to the American death machine when their draft number was picked, or refused to register for the draft, they go to prison.

When famous boxer Muhamad Ali asked why he should go to Vietnam to murder Asian brown people who had never done anything to him, while back in America white people were lynching black people, he was stripped of his boxing championships and exiled from sports for three years, during his athletic prime.

Other American men who didn’t want to kill Vietnamese fled to Canada or other countries, just like the raped kid had to flee to Indiana to get an abortion.

With marijuana illegal in the USA, meaning it is not legal like tomato plants and other plants are but is heavily regulated even in the most legalized states, hundreds of thousands of Americans have been arrested and imprisoned for ingesting a plant.

Past SCOTUS rulings and lower court rulings have acknowledged that under the 14th Amendment to the Constitution and other foundational principles, a person should have the right to make their own medical and body autonomy decisions.

In the past 60 years, courts recognized a right to privacy, a right to refuse or seek medical treatment, a right to use medicines of your choice, a right to abortion, a right to marry whoever you love no matter their gender or ethnicity.

But now SCOTUS is stacked with religious zealots such as Clarence “Uncle Tom” Thomas, whose wife Ginni is a religious cult member and major player in the attempt to overthrow the presidential election via Fuhrer Trump’s January 6 2021 insurrection.

Thomas, in a concurring opinion offered along with the majority overturn of Roe v. Wade, said he wanted to also overturn judicial legalization of gay marriage, gay sex, and other rights we’ve taken for granted.

SCOTUS is home to Amy Coney Barrett, who spent years in a secretive religious cult in which females were called “handmaids.”

The major author of the SCOTUS ruling taking away women’s reproductive rights is “Justice” Samuel Alito, an Opus Dei Catholic theocrat, who cited precedents from hundreds of years ago in his SCOTUS ruling—precedents written by people who were in charge of witch trials and other ludicrous insanity.

To add tragic comedy to the mix, SCOTUS justices Brett “Beer Bong” Kavanaugh and Neil Gorsuch (Kavanaugh has been accused of sexual assault) were all in on making sure that raped and incested women are forced by law to carry fetuses to term.

It’s no surprise that powerful people who take away body autonomy rights from Americans always cause harm.

In California 35 years ago, when marijuana was illegal everywhere in the USA, AIDS patients and many other patients found that medical marijuana helped them better than any other medicine.

Regardless, the government arrested thousands of medical marijuana users and growers.

Marijuana activist Dennis Peron, author of the famed Proposition 215 that started the marijuana legalization juggernaut in California in 1996, was shot by police while trying to protect his AIDS patient, medical marijuana-using lover from being arrested for cannabis possession.

His lover was arrested, and suffered in jail without cannabis, before dying.

Folks, this is what happens when power-mad bullies decide to tell you what to do with your own body.

In the Fascist America these theocrats are forcing on us, your body is not yours. A total idiot like Clarence Thomas gets to tell a raped little kid that she has to have a rape baby.

He doesn’t care that the latest research shows impulses towards rape, incest, and other violence are partially genetic, so birthing a baby produced by rape and incest is more likely to create another rapist or incestuous monster.

The Texas Republican Party, which has made Texass the leader in anti-abortion gestation slavery, just announced its continued opposition to legalized marijuana.

Texas’ recent anti-abortion legislation mirrors the drug war in that it provides financial incentives for private citizens to nark on people who get abortions.

In Texas and many other states, to this day, police offer reward money to people who nark on marijuana users.

And as we pointed out in our article on Uvalde, Texas police who stood around wanking off for more than an hour while a teenager machine-gunned children and teachers, if those same Uvalde police officers had been sent to raid a marijuana grow op, they’d have kicked the doors down immediately, no waiting at all.

If you or anyone you know loves marijuana freedom, you can’t back the Republican Party and the current right-wing SCOTUS majority–without also being a hypocrite and fool.

When the U.S. House of Representatives recently approved a bill that would repeal the federal ban on marijuana by a vote of 220 to 204, the yes votes included 217 Democrats…but only three Republicans, two fewer than voted for an earlier version of the bill.

In the U.S. Senate, Republican senators routinely oppose federal marijuana legalization, which is why it never happens.

We are obviously at a breaking point in America.

Will we continue to allow religious nuts, bullies, gestation slavery advocates, LGBTQ-haters, Bible beaters, anti-marijuana losers and other Republicans to take away hard-won freedoms that came about in the past 60 years?

Just like the marijuana growing and consuming community united to fight police all those years and win the hearts and minds of other Americans so marijuana legalization is supported by the same majority percentage of citizens as abortion rights are supported, we have to fight these anti-abortion, forced-birth fascists by any means necessary.

Take a look at the videos in this article, and fight back.

Don’t let fascists tell you what to do with your wombs, buds, marijuana plants, sex life, or any other personal choice!