How do you know which brand of hydroponic nutrients to buy?

After losing cherished crops, seasons, and plants to problems caused by expensive nutrients, I finally learned the hard way that I must ask hydroponics nutrients manufacturers to prove they have experience with marijuana grow ops and that they test and design nutrients specifically for cannabis.

Most hydroponic nutrients manufacterers are selling us generic formulas based on tomato fertilizer ratios. They’re not doing original scientific research on how nutrients affect cannabis.

All but a few hydroponic nutrients manufacturers claim they can’t do marijuana growing research, blaming federal marijuana law.

Over the past decades, we’ve queried Botanicare, General Hydroponics, Heavy 16, House & Garden, Canna, Dyna-Gro, New Millenium, Green Planet, Cyco, Atami, BioBizz, Athena, Cutting Edge, Advanced Nutrients and several other major hydroponic nutrients companies.

We asked them for original scientific grow op research proving their nutrients maximize marijuana yield and potency. They said it was illegal for them to do real research, which is a bogus excuse.

Only a relatively new company based in Seattle, TPS Nutrients, provided legitimate data immediately recognizable as coming from grow experts who make the best nutrients possible by creating innovative ways of overcoming common nutrients issues and challenges.

Better still is that they’ve applied the most modern science to the goals of boosting resins and other production traits that all of us growers love.

Now TPS has a valuable YouTube video channel where they give away accurate marijuana growing information.

Unlike a lot of online cultivation videos, these have professional videography and audio, and use real marijuana plants.

Note that even though on our magazine these videos appear as “age-restricted,” all you have to do is click the “watch on YouTube” link to see them.

Let’s take a look at a few of these excellent marijuana growing videos….

Topping marijuana plants is an essential skill for successful growers. Topping helps you control plant height, create bushier plants, increase harvest weight, avoid grow light burn.

Many growers do cannabis topping wrong, creating bad structure for their plants. This TPS video shows you exactly how to do it correctly:

When you’re paying a lot of money for marijuana seeds or just have rare seeds you can’t replace, your marijuana seeds germination technique has to be perfect.

There are so many people offering bad advice about germinating marijuana seeds, but this TPS video shows you the most professional method:

Watering marijuana plants correctly is an art and a science.

Every growing system and media (rockwool, soil, soilless mix, coco, deep water culture, etc.), grow room, strain, and plant has unique characteristics that influence watering amount and frequency.

Overwatering is particularly easy to do and its results are often ruinous. Overwatered young plants may never develop sufficient size. Roots rot and drown. Growth slows or stops. Solid growing media without enough perlite and other aeration may take weeks to dry out.

Fortunately, the smart people at TPS have done real science in the following video to show you the effects of incorrect watering, and how to do it right:

Have you ever tried LST? It’s not a hallucinogen, it’s “low stress training” for marijuana plants.

Using LST properly, you sculpt your marijuana plants to increase yield, branch stability, and maximize your grow space profits.

I’ve seen growers skilled in LST with one female plant LST’d so it fills a 4 x 4 grow tent and yields nearly a kilo of dried buds.

Ready to try it yourself? Then check this out:

The good news is there are plenty more cultivation video topics on the TPS “Higher Education” YouTube channel.

Unlike many online marijuana growing videos, these are professionally filmed and edited, giving maximum information in a short time.

Those of us here at Growing Marijuana Perfectly have adopted TPS as our go-to hydroponic nutrients brand because they’re growers just like you and me who created a nutrients company dedicated to helping us feed and care for our plants for maximum success.

Problems caused by all the other nutrients brands and their careless, cavalier approach to making nutrients disappeared when we started using TPS.

We give big props to TPS for making the most reliable science-based nutrients for marijuana, and for providing us accurate, simple, very useful marijuana growing videos, like this one on harvesting…