You’ve probably heard about the benefits of growing marijuana with a feed program that includes seaweed.

Seaweed has been used for thousands of years for human nutrition, and to feed plants and trees. Brown seaweeds such as Ascophyllum nodosum, Ecklonia maxima, Macrocystis pyrifera and Durvillea potatorum are the most commonly used agricultural seaweeds.

Seaweed is used whole, as ground-up powder, and also as liquid or solid extracts. It’s classified as a “plant biostimulant.”  

A plant biostimulant helps plants, but isn’t meant as a primary source for nutrients elements. Nevertheless, Ascophyllum nodosum and other brown seaweed species contain nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium, calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc, sodium, magnesium, boron, and sulphur. They also contain dozens of other compounds that stimulate and protect marijuana plants.

The proven benefits of using seaweed for growing marijuana include:

  • Your cannabis plants have increased tolerance to drought, heat, cold, overwatering, and excessive use of nutrients salts.
  • Purges heavy metals and other pollutants or renders them less harmful.
  • Improved viability, health, vigor, rooting, and growth of marijuana seeds, seedlings, and clones.
  • Earlier flowering, more flowering sites, larger flowers, shorter internodes, more uniform development of plant structure.
  • Increases root growth and function to create larger root mass. Protects roots from pathogens and other stressors.
  • Increases nutrients uptake. Increases nutrients transport inside plants.
  • Faster growth rate and shorter bloom phase.
  • Seaweed increases symbiosis between cannabis roots and beneficial bacteria and fungi in root zone, and enhances health and function of those beneficial microbes.
  • Improves soil structure, water-transmission, and oxygen-holding capacity.
  • Increases size and potency of buds.
  • Increases percentage of cannabinoids and terpenoids.
  • Increases bud shelf life and storage freshness.
  • Stimulates plant immune systems and helps repel insects and diseases.
  • Can be used in hydroponics, soil, coco coir, deep water culture, veganic, and organic marijuana growing systems.
  • Seaweed contains phytohormones that create faster-finishing, heavier, denser buds. This means you use seaweed instead of toxic chemical “bud hardeners” and “bloom phase accelerators” such as PACLO.

Note that seaweed’s horticultural benefits are verified by actual research—they aren’t the fanciful marketing hype you often see for plant biostimulant products. To get these benefits you have to use quality seaweed horticultural products and apply them properly. Here are some uses for agricultural seaweed:

  • Soaking seeds and newly-cut cuttings in seaweed solution.
  • Mixing dried kelp meal into root zone media.
  • Foliar spraying seaweed extract, especially at the beginning of bloom phase and continuing into middle bloom phase. Foliar spraying should be done at the beginning of the lights-on cycle, and be sure to spray the underside of cannabis leaves.
  • Using seaweed extract as a root feed during all phases of growth.
  • Blending whole seaweed or liquid extract in with compost teas and other biostimulants.

As with many products in the horticultural industry that caters to growing marijuana, it takes a lot of work to find high quality seaweed for horticulture. But the good news is, we did the work for you.

The first thing to know is the seaweed industry employs a wide range of processes including alkali extraction, acid extraction and “cell bust” technology. An extract’s components and effectiveness are greatly affected by the method of extraction and the chemical products used during the production process. Whole or powdered seaweed is also subject to degradation during inferior manufacturing and processing.

Only the most professional company with the right equipment, science staff, protocols, and procedures can gather and process seaweed so its biostimulant properties remain active.

Our grow room testing, along with scientific studies, reveals that the agricultural usefulness of seaweed extracts and whole seaweed varies wildly. The sad fact is that most horticultural seaweed products are rendered inferior by defective sourcing, processing, storage, bottling and shipping of the products

We contacted all the companies that sell horticultural seaweed and tested 17 different products. Most of them were inferior in obvious ways, such as mold or other contaminants inside containers, or percentages of seaweed material were so low as to be useless.

Fortunately, we found one ethical, professional seaweed products company: Ohrstrom’s Maxicrop, an international company focused totally on making excellent horticultural seaweed products.

Maxicrop’s seaweed is harvested off the coast of Norway from relatively pristine waters, and processed in ways that retain all its biostimulant components in active form.

Maxicrop seaweed powder and kelp meal smell just like the ocean and are the freshest seaweed you could get unless you live near an ocean and harvest it yourself.

Their liquid and solid seaweed products are pure, concentrated, clean, free of contaminants, and carefully bottled and shipped in ways that preserve maximum shelf life.

The Maxicrop soluble seaweed powder is the most dissolvable biostimulant product we’ve ever seen. It instantly distributes throughout your water, with no residue on the bottom, creating a rich brew for root and foliar feeding.

Another reason we recommend Maxicrop is that unlike all the other companies we queried, Maxicrop has third-party laboratory testing data showing the high quality, biostimulant-rich components of their seaweed products.

Further, their products have been verified as effective by university testing in agricultural settings and via lab tests, and certified organic by the prestigious Organic Materials Research Institute (OMRI). Maxicrop is the only seaweed products company that provided us lab testing and other proof of the effectiveness and purity of their products.

We recommend you use Maxicrop kelp meal, liquid seaweed extract without iron, and soluble seaweed powder.

Contact Maxicrop for exact dosing and usage instructions for your specific marijuana growing needs, because their products are powerful, and if you use too much, you can end up with a severe potassium overload.

Given that the world’s oceans are dying due to pollution, fishing, oil spills, climate change and other issues, we wonder how long it will be before seaweed harvesting is deemed too environmentally harmful, or seaweeds die off due to the ongoing mass extinction event our civilization is causing.

That makes it all the more urgent to get Maxicrop seaweed products and start using them right away. Of all the biostimulants marketed for growing marijuana, properly-sourced and processed seaweed supplements manufactured by Maxicrop are guaranteed to be a great boost to your plant health, harvest weight, and bud potency. Now take a look at this video from a marijuana grower using Maxicrop…