Marijuana and sex. Marijuana as an aphrodisiac that gives you more sexual pleasure than you ever experienced. Now that I have your attention, a trigger warning: This article contains sexually explicit guidance on using marijuana to achieve sexual ecstasy, so it’s not suitable for anyone who is against marijuana and sexual pleasure.

Using marijuana to enhance sexual pleasure has a history going back thousands of years. In the Indian (from India) medical system known as Ayurveda, and in esoteric Indian Tantric sexual teachings, cannabis is recommended as an aphrodisiac and sexual tonic offering benefits including:

  • Cannabis helps people more easily achieve arousal and orgasm.
  • Cannabis infused into organic plant-based oil solutions can be a healing balm and anti-microbial protectant for the vagina and vulva.
  • Cannabis enhances mental, intellectual, emotional, religious, and spiritual aspects of sexual activity.
  • Cannabis may alleviate erectile dysfunction & premature ejaculation.
  • Marijuana aphrodisiac can extend intensity, frequency, and duration of orgasms, especially female orgasms.
  • Cannabis reduces pain, inflammation, anxiety, tremors and other ailments. It enhances pleasurable tactile sensations and diminishes negative sensations.
  • Cannabis has blood pressure and heart rate effects. It often lowers blood pressure. This affects male sexual performance, as erectile function depends in part on sustained, increased blood pressure, especially in one part of the body:)

I was fortunate to live in India and learn about cannabis aphrodisiacs from Ayurvedic and Tantric practitioners.

They emphasize cannabis affects each of us differently, each strain of cannabis has specific effects, and the way cannabis is prepared and ingested determines if aphrodisiac effects occur and how they are perceived.

Generally speaking, Indica and Kush strains affect you sexually more than Sativa strains. Thus, Indica, Kush and 50-50 hybrid strains are more often used as aphrodisiacs than predominantly Sativa strains.

An aphrodisiac can’t create sexual desire, sexual compatibility, or enhanced sexual performance if the people involved lack pre-existing sexual attraction and intimacy.  

Nor will marijuana aphrodisiac magically make you sexually desirous of a person you’re not already attracted to, or vice versa.

Cannabis can expand one’s mind, clear inhibitions, facilitate open communication and relaxation. This promotes rapport and comfortableness, often leading to increased sexual attraction and compatibility.

Further, cannabis is not a “date rape” drug. It doesn’t make someone want sex when they didn’t want it before using cannabis. Nor does it cripple a person so they are unable to fight off unwanted sexual advances.

Alcohol, Rohypnol (“roofies”), GHB and other substances are used to facilitate non-consensual sex—cannabis is not.

My Indian Tantric teachers emphasized that the most satisfying cannabis-assisted sex is between partners who have already achieved intimacy, bonding, and a fulfilling relationship.

When a couple plans to use cannabis as an aphrodisiac, a high degree of intentionality and cooperation make cannabis use far more likely to result in thrilling marijuana-assisted sexual pleasure.

Now I share with you the most reliable ways to use cannabis as an aphrodisiac, as revealed to me in secret studies with authentic Indian Ayurvedic and Tantric specialists.

The most powerful method for using cannabis as a sexual drug is to place a pure and decarboxylated cannabis concentrate such as dry sift, bubble hash, kief, organic dabs, rosin, or cannabis-infused coconut oil directly into the vagina and/or anus.

Decarboxylation converts raw, non-psychoactive cannabinoids into psychoactive and medically active compounds.

In India and the Himalayas, marijuana concentrate used to make aphrodisiac paste is most often kief, scissors hash or finger hash gathered from huge outdoor buds in late, peak bloom.

Ayurvedic practitioners gather indigenous herbs and minerals, including Indica and Sativa cannabis. To make balanced cannabis aphrodisiac material, they usually combine Indica and Sativa resins from various seasonal harvests. They make custom cannabis resin blends, with a predominance of Indica resins.

These thick resins are groomed to remove non-resinous plant debris and other contaminants, rolled into small “suppositories,” then placed in a sun oven for a prescribed period of time before being used as marijuana aphrodisiac.

If you don’t have a sun oven handy, you can also decarboxylate dabs, dry sift, hashish and other high quality solid cannabis concentrate by placing the material in a sterile unsealed glass container and heating in an oven no higher than 190°F for 20-30 minutes.

Decarboxylating cannabis concentrates is an art and a science. Sometimes the material melts or sizzles away. That’s not what you want, and you should lower the temperature if it happens.

You don’t want to heat the material so much that it vaporizes or burns. You want to gently heat it so the heat converts raw forms of THC and other compounds into psychoactive forms such as Delta-9 THC, without vaporizing or combusting the material, without over-processing it so THC degrades into CBD and CBN.

If you find that the material lacks potency, it often means you have to heat it at the same temperature, but for longer periods of time.

To initiate cannabis sexual experience, you place a gram of two of decarboxylated cannabis concentrate material into the vagina or anus.

The recipient of the internal cannabis should keep their body in a position that allows the cannabis material to stay inside rather than leaking out.

Cannabinoids and terpenoids are quickly absorbed through mucous membranes in these areas and many others in your body.

For example, cannabis smoke or vapor so quickly delivers cannabinoids and terpenoids into the bloodstream because lungs are full of mucous membranes.

Putting decarboxylated cannabis concentrates into the body via the anus or vagina is a very direct route into the bloodstream.

Onset of effects is usually felt within 10-30 minutes. Some people may request more marijuana aphrodisiac be placed inside them, but as with eating marijuana edibles, be cautious and allow time for effects to fully blossom, because the high is unlike any other kind of cannabis intoxication and can quickly launch you into la la land.

The high begins in and centers on the genital region, and stays centered there, while also flooding other parts of the body and finally the brain.

Women report amazingly intense and immediate arousal and vaginal lubrication. Tactile sensations are amplified. Time slows down. The marijuana aphrodisiac high is described as volcanic, glowing, melting, gooey, juicy, oceanic, transcendent.

Female orgasms enhanced by marijuana aphrodisiac can last an hour or more, often as dozens of rapid-trigger orgasms that blend together!

When the cannabis infused person’s sex partner performs oral sex or vaginal or anal intercourse, the decarbed cannabis compounds infuse into the person’s oral mucosa, or penis.

Oral sex is a far better way to get secondarily infused with cannabis aphrodisiac; absorption through the skin of the penis is much less efficient.

Mucosal and transdermal intoxication will soon give the infused person and their sex partner marijuana aphrodisiac effects.

Making Cannabis Coconut Oil Aphrodisiac

It can be quite difficult to accurately decarboxylate dabs, kief, dry sift, live resins, and other solid cannabis concentrates. You far more easily create a reliable-dosage marijuana aphrodisiac material by making cannabis coconut oil.

To do so, first take a couple of ounces of dried, cured premium buds and place them in an oven-safe, deep, glass cooking container.

Cover the buds (just barely) in unrefined, organic coconut oil and put the uncovered container in the lower part of an oven set to 175-185°F. Use an oven thermometer inside the coconut oil to precisely see what temperature it really is, and adjust your oven accordingly.

The mixture should stay between 175-185°F for 3-5 hours. Stir the mixture every hour. By the time all decarb has taken place, the coconut oil will be ultra-dark green and sharply aromatic.

Before the cannabis coconut oil cools to a solid, strain out the bud material and store the strained oil in the non-freezer part of a refrigerator in sealed glass containers.

It will remain fresh for at least 4-5 months as long as it is refrigerated and sealed.

The following video offers one of several other recipes for making cannabis coconut oil…

Before you use your marijuana coconut oil as an aphrodisiac, consider testing the oil sub-lingually or as an edible oil to gauge its strength.

Indeed, this oil is also great as a topical cannabis medicine, for making edibles, or all by itself as an tincture or edible.

You may have to experiment with temperature settings, heating duration, and cannabis amounts per amount of oil to get the potent oil best for marijuana aphrodisiac use.

For most people, as little as 1-3 teaspoons of oil massaged into the vagina or anus will result in a powerful cannabis aphrodisiac high as described previously.

There are of course several cautions and particulars regarding mucosal cannabis insertion. One warning is that the aphrodisiac high is far stronger and very different than the high you get by combusting, vaporizing, dabbing, eating edibles, taking tinctures, and other methods of marijuana use.

In the right setting, with the proper dose and partner, marijuana aphrodisiac sex can be a psychedelic, deeply healing, unifying experience, and the effects are sometimes likened to those of psilocybin or peyote. ( Read here for more information on magic mushrooms).

Many relationships have been strengthened, cleansed, and healed by marijuana aphrodisiac lovemaking.

Novice marijuana users should initially use very small amounts of cannabis aphrodisiac and monitor results before experimenting with larger doses.

Note also that women who have had marijuana aphrodisiac inserted into their vagina tend to become exceptionally aroused and lubricated—they need ample hydration and sports nutrition, as if they were running a triathlon on a hot summer day.

Be prepared for soaked bed sheets! Be prepared for loud moans and sighs of pleasure. Might want to keep the windows shut if people are nearby.

Male sex partners of women infused by cannabis aphrodisiac better have enough stamina for a marathon of sexual activity.

Older men and other men who may have low testosterone levels are advised to take a testosterone booster such as the very useful herb “Tongkat Ali,” and/or see your doctor about pharmaceutical testosterone or other hormone boosting treatments. (This is the most legitimate and pure Tongkat Ali commercially available.)

The use of Viagra and other male erectile dysfunction drugs is NOT recommended when you’re using marijuana aphrodisiac.

Tantric Sex & Marijuana Aphrodisiac

When Tantric sex is part of the marijuana aphrodisiac experience, sexual activity often lasts hours if not days, taking on an epic, euphoric, spiritual aspect. 

Using cannabis inside sexual-genital mucous membranes isn’t something you do unless you have many hours to enjoy being wickedly high and aroused.

Some Tantric practitioners hold sexual “feast” rituals and festivals consisting of cannabis-assisted lovemaking, yoga, purifying foods and beverages, taking Ayurvedic medical foods and potions that promote sexual release and body vigor, meditation, fasting, hot springs, Nature exercise, deep communication, and emotional openness.

Guys, be aware that orgasms and ejaculation under the influence of cannabis aphrodisiac can be so intense as to create fireworks inside your head and in other places too, and drain your body of all strength for at least an hour.

Marijuana aphrodisiac often gives men the ability to maintain an erection for a very long time without ejaculating. In Tantra, it helps men to have orgasms without ejaculating at all!

It’s common for men using marijuana aphrodisiac to pass out into a bliss coma after the mind-bending enhanced orgasm and/or ejaculation marijuana aphrodisiac can create.

Use only 100% clean cannabis buds totally free of pesticides, foliar sprays, pests, diseases (including storage diseases) and debris contaminants when making dry sift, bubble hash, dabs, or coconut oil.

You should not use alcohol-based cannabis tinctures, whole buds, or any form of raw cannabis in the vagina or anus.

There are a few commercial products that claim to be decarboxylated marijuana oils or lotions for use inside the vagina or on the labia. They’re ridiculously expensive and not very potent. You can make much stronger and fresher marijuana oil at home, at a fraction of the cost.

Although cannabis has for centuries been an integral part of Ayurvedic pharmacopeia, many current Ayurvedic doctors oppose cannabis use or may not be aware of or comfortable with the use of any aphrodisiac.

In India, Ayurvedic medicine is highly respected. Ayurvedic doctors go to medical school and are licensed for medical system participation afforded to other kinds of doctors. As you see in the enchanting video embedded in this article, Ayurveda is definitely the right medical system for plant lovers.

I can tell you from personal experience and academic research that Ayurvedic medicine, which uses herbs like cannabis, along with food, minerals, yoga, medical massage, meditation, and dietary changes instead of pharmaceuticals and surgery to fix a wide range of human ills, is in most cases far more effective and safer than the allopathic medical system most of us are familiar with.

For a practical how-to guide about Ayurvedic healing, read Ayurveda: The Science of Self-Healing, by Vasant Lad.

Despite Ayurveda’s proven usefulness, in the United States and many other countries Ayurvedic physicians aren’t allowed to call themselves doctors and are often forced to advertise as massage therapists or other less-official providers of healing services.

And although Tantra is an ancient tradition that uses sex as a means of achieving spiritual bliss, mental and emotional health, physical health, and deep bonding between sex partners, Tantra has mostly been corrupted in the United States and other countries outside of India.

Unscrupulous, self-designated “Tantric experts” often offer sexual surrogacy and other money-for-sex services that resemble prostitution, or they’re just weird, skanky people you wouldn’t want to interact with.

You can learn about Tantric sex by reading these two books: Urban Tantra, Second Edition: Sacred Sex for the Twenty-First Century, and Tantra Unveiled: Seducing the Forces of Matter and Spirit.

It’s interesting that some people say they feel “hornier” and sexier when they use marijuana recreationally via smoking, vaporizing or dabbing, even without creating a marijuana aphrodisiac and inserting it into a genital-area mucous membrane.  

Scientific research published in the professional journal Sexual Medicine in June 2019 stated that marijuana aphrodisiac definitely enhances sexual arousal and orgasms, especially for women.

On the other hand, some people claim marijuana makes them totally disinterested in sex. In India, I was told of cannabis-using gurus who constantly dose themselves with a specific “bhang” (decarboxylated cannabis drink) recipe that completely removes all sexual desire so they focus all their desire on meditation and enlightenment!

The good news is, for the majority of people who have tried it with the right conditions and intentions, putting marijuana aphrodisiac inside the vagina or anus, and rubbing marijuana coconut oil on the labia or other genital parts, is delicious, intoxicating foreplay that sets you up for your best sex ever.

I had to go all the way to India to learn the little-known marijuana aphrodisiac sex secrets I just shared with you. Now you can use marijuana aphrodisiac to achieve life-changing sexual ecstasy that goes way beyond any sensual experience you’ve enjoyed before!