Editor’s Note: Since this article was written, the legendary marijuana seeds breeder Subcool has passed away, and his strains are no longer available. Click here to read the tragic circumstances of his untimely death. We decided to leave this article online to honor Subcool…

The famous marijuana seed guru, philanthropist and reality television star who goes by the name Subcool has survived a tumultuous past two years and is now offering us some of the tastiest, most potent strains of his long, award-winning cannabis career.

After spending 20 years breeding his own beloved marijuana strains and collaborating with other top cannabis seeds breeders to create a beloved line of marijuana strains with highs, tastes and scents never seen before, Subcool had to flee his beautiful Northern California ranch through towering flames to escape deadly fires in 2017.

He lost almost all his belongings, his outdoor garden of monster marijuana plants, and a significant portion of his rare cannabis genetics. And he was already struggling with the potentially fatal respiratory disease known as chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder (COPD), and being betrayed by some people closest to him,  when the fast-moving fire that killed so many people in Northern California that year swept in to destroy his treasured marijuana garden and homestead.

At the same time he’s been dealing with the loss of his home, Subcool was making business and personal changes to optimize his cannabis seeds research program, which had grown into a worldwide empire due to the cult following around the 44 strains he offers.

For example, in years past he marketed his seeds through TGA Subcool Genetics, but in early 2019 he told me he wants everybody to know that TGA Genetics is no longer part of his empire.  Instead, he has a wonderful new seeds portal that highlights his legacy strains, along with newly-minted premium marijuana strains.

Subcool left California for Arizona, and is surrounded by new friends and cannabis professionals. Yet, he still finds time to make episodes of the longest-running and most popular and entertaining cannabis YouTube show.

It’s called The Weed Nerd, and you can watch episodes of it embedded in this article. Tens of thousands of Subcool fans love how the Weed Nerd shows give you an insider view of professional grow ops, cannabis events, outdoor gardens, all while playing killer music.

Now let’s take a look at just a few of the exciting new strains Subcool is now offering…

Harliqueen High-CBD Marijuana Strain

Subcool is a big friend of military veterans and medical marijuana patients. He’s donated buds, marijuana seeds, and tens of thousands of dollars in philanthropic assistance to them over the years.

His compassion for people in pain is why he’s worked hard to develop therapeutic high-CBD (cannabidiol) strains such as Pennywise, Deadlights, and Hurkle.

Now he’s giving us Harliqueen, a Sativa-dominant cross of the high-CBD Harlequin strain and Space Queen that yields massive buds after a 55-60 day bloom phase. Growers love the strain because it’s easy to grow, has a narrow phenotype variation, is high in resins, and stacked with especially high terpenoid content.

Subcool points out that Space Queen contains genetics from the famous Romulan strain, and is known for its CBD medical marijuana efficacy in cases of neuropathic pain, spasms, and other neural disorders.

“You’ll grow see huge spear-shaped colas that smell like cherry and spice growing from dense, sturdy marijuana bushes,” Subool says.

Queen Anne’s Revenge: Wickedly Potent

Subcool says this strain is devastatingly strong, making it useful as a sedative, stress-buster, and pain reliever. It’s a cross of Blood Wreck and Space Queen, with buds so stacked with resin glands that you’d think Gorilla Glue #4 was involved in the breeding program. Growers who love TGA’s Chernobyl strain will be glad to know that genetics that went into Chernobyl are present in Queen Anne’s Revenge.

Growers who want to make cannabis concentrates such as dry sift, live resins, bubble hash, and other products will love the high percentage of resin glands this strain produces.

“This strain is very strong, and the high lasts a long time,” Subcool says. “The tastes and scents are from cherries, sandalwood, pomegranate, and lime, with some people saying this strain tastes like a margarita.”

This 50-50 Indica and Sativa strain grows well indoors and outdoors. Subcool advises careful topping to shape these plants for multiple colas before they enter bloom phase. Expect a 55-65 day bloom phase with medium stretch, so monitor your resin glands to assure perfect harvest timing.

Strelka Marijuana Strain

Subcool teamed up with High Times writer and Southern California cannabis maven Kyle Kushman to cross Stardawg with Space Queen to create this Sativa-dominant gem. The total genetic influences include Chemdog 4 X Tres Dawg X Romulan X Cinderella 99, which are all powerhouse, legendary cannabis lines.

Even though it has predominant Sativa genetics, it grows fast and sturdy like an Indica, with a relatively short 56-60 day bloom phase. Subcool likens this plant to the classic Kosher Kush, and says it produces spear-shaped, resinous buds on plants that usually top out at 5-6 feet tall.

Yields average at medium weight but proper feeding and topping can produce heavy harvests of buds that taste and smell like licorice, cherries, diesel and sweet candy.

Subcool loves the high because it offers analgesic relief while also creating stimulating euphoria that makes it great for parties, dating, sex and athletics.

Now you’ve seen some incredible new Subcool strains that’ll look great in your indoor or outdoor marijuana garden. Keep checking back here at GrowingMarijuanaPerfectly.com, because we’re got more of his incredible strains to share with you. And enjoy the Weed Nerd videos too!