Connoisseur marijuana growers have long sought the rare marijuana genetics available in Humboldt County, which is part of the marijuana growing paradise known as Northern California’s Emerald Triangle.

This a massive three-county region of coastal and mountain terrain mostly wilderness hills, rivers mountains, and forests, with miles of rugged coastline pounded by towering Pacific waves.

Humboldt County is as large as some countries, but its total population is less than 150,000, and its biggest town has only 27,000 people in it. The logging industry and cannabis are the region’s economic foundations.

For 60 years, hippies, outlaws, farmers, and environmentalists have grown cannabis outdoors in Humboldt. They’ve traveled the world gathering landrace genetics and breeding fantastic marijuana strains.

This makes the Emerald Triangle a mecca for cannabis cultivators seeking rare marijuana seeds and strains, attracting an influx of the most serious growers and breeders from around the world.

One of the most reliable and beloved seed companies offering superlative strains from this important marijuana region is Humboldt Seed Company (HSC), which is not to be confused with another, completely different cannabis seeds company called Humboldt Seed Organization.

HSC’s founder, Nathaniel Pennington, moved to Humboldt in 1996 to pursue his twin passions: marijuana and ecology.

He knew Humboldt had cannabis genetics found nowhere else.

As an ecologist, he also knew Northern California has species of salmon found nowhere else.

Pennington explains there’s a connection between understanding rare salmon species and rare cannabis strains.

In the case of salmon, the species is created by evolutionary natural selection interacting with habitat. That’s why there are salmon species seen only in specific rivers.

Similarly, rare Triangle cannabis strains are bred by marijuana growers who shape rare genetics into stable marijuana strains during many generations of careful breeding.

Pennington gets a lot of respect in Humboldt, because he’s 100% honest, passionate, intelligent, and dedicated. He has a friendly manner that people really appreciate.

His Humboldt Seed Company has been breeding cannabis in Humboldt County since 1999. It’s a registered organic cannabis farm producing seeds and licensed clone lines that are some of the most potent, unique, and reliable available anywhere.

HSC is one of few cannabis seed companies using a proprietary sanitizing, disinfecting and inoculation process that assures cultivators that their clones and seeds are free of pests, diseases, or non-organic materials.

The HSC team selects the region’s best cannabis genetics via its yearly “Pheno Hunt. They examine thousands of plants at multiple cannabis farms, using a mobile laboratory to test genetics and cannabinoid and terpenoid percentages and ratios.

Only the most stunningly impressive plants make the cut to become part of HSC’s breeding program!

HSC is one of few professional marijuana breeding consortiums focusing on enhancing the range and amount of terpenoids in specific strains.

Pennington notes that while most marijuana breeders focus almost exclusively on increasing the strain percentages of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD), HSC does that too—while also breeding to increase scent, taste, psychoactive and medicinal benefits provided by the hundreds of terpenoids cannabis can contain.

HSC’s Pheno Hunt process and expansive cannabinoid and terpenoid enhancement program creates strains with unusually high levels of THC, CBD and potent terpenoids.

This translates into psychoactive and medical effects you just can’t get from other marijuana strains.

Marijuana growers will be happy to know that HSC’s terpenoid enhancement program is also targeted towards increasing the presence of terpenoids that deter cannabis pests and diseases such as broad mites, russet mites, thrips, aphids, gray mold and powdery mildew.

To add to the goodness, Humboldt Seed Company is part of a tight network of cannabis scientists, massive cannabis farms, and legendary breeders such as DJ Short.

These cannabis heroes amplify each other’s marijuana genetics achievements to create astounding strains seen nowhere else.

As you can easily see, Humboldt Seed Company is creating marijuana seeds you’ll treasure.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the most popular strains offered by Humboldt Seed Company. In some cases, they’re the only breeders offering authentic versions of legendary California genetics.

Humboldt Seed Company seeds are available worldwide from, and also from legal dispensaries throughout California.

Pineapple Train Wreck

The famous Seth Rogen movie Pineapple Express introduced us to a crazy-potent strain we’d never heard of before. Then, breeders set out to create a photoperiod strain that matched the movie name and the surreal high that drove Rogen and co-stars James Franco and Danny McBride wild.

We’re fortunate that HSC crossed a potent Pineapple Express with the famous California strain, Train Wreck, to create Pineapple Train Wreck.

These luscious buds grow out bright green like an unripe pineapple, and the strain is remarkably fast-finishing, needing only 45-55 days in bloom phase to produce above-average yields of buds that really do smell and taste like pineapple.

The strain naturally grows short and dense, making it useful in sea of green gardens. Psychoactive effects lean towards relaxation, pain relief, and euphoria.

Purple Panty Dropper

The name of this foundational HSC strain indicates its breeders and subsequent generations of growers and consumers consider it to be aphrodisiac cannabis.

It’s a scintillating mixture of Matanuksa Tundra, Purple Haze, and Oregon Grape genetics that create a narcotic high with overtones of multi-orgasmic sensuality. The sticky large buds often go purple, hence the name.

This is an easy plant to grow, and should be topped a week or two before bloom phase because it tends to grow very large. Heavy harvests can be expected after a 50-58 day bloom phase, and the strain’s taste and smell are like concord grapes and roses. HSC emphasizes, in the era of MeToo, that all panty-dropping has to be 100% consensual!

Girl Scout Cookies (GSC)

This legendary USA west coast strain started out as a rare cut that sold for thousands of dollars, and for years the breeder community kept it clone-only so no authentic seeds were available.

Worse yet, many of those expensive clones weren’t really good enough to justify the price.

All the while, Girl Scout Cookies buds sell like wildfire in legal medical dispensaries and people want to grow their own. Somebody had to do something, so Humboldt Seed Company went on a phenotype hunt for the kindest, strongest Girl Scout Cookies cuts.

They  pollinated premium GSC clone with pollen from their ever-popular Purple Panty Dropper strain.

The result is a ridiculously potent, Indica-dominant strain that produces massive yields, which is why some people call the HSC strain Girl Scout Monster.

It only needs 55-65 days in bloom phase and likes lots of light, reverse osmosis water, and quality nutrition.

The weird thing is, Girl Scout Cookies doesn’t taste like cookies or girl scouts, at least not to me.

It tastes like its alleged ancestors—a sticky, dark-green OG Kush combined with Durban Poison, which is a famed African Sativa strain that’s hard to grow indoors but produces a wicked Hazey high.

Dream Queen

Dream Queen is an anomaly in the world of cannabis—a Sativa-dominant strain that flowers like a short-bloom Indica and produces heavy harvests like one too.

HSC combined Green Crack with Mazar and the legendary Skunk #1, creating an energetic high that complements the ample yield and short bloom phase.

Note that this strain doubles in size between the start of bloom phase and harvest time, and needs only 45-55 days in bloom before it’s ready for harvest.

Blueberry Muffin

You can see a beautiful Blueberry Muffin bud in the photo accompanying this article. This strain exemplifies the value of regional cannabis seed breeders like Humboldt Seed Company.

It’s a cross of Purple Panty Dropper with a phenomenal strain few people have heard of, called Razzleberry Kush.

Razzleberry Kush is loaded with THC, but also has relatively high percentages of cannabidiol (CBD)—one reason it’s known as a kind medical bud that decreases anxiety, depression, pain, insomnia, spasms, lack of appetite, and migraines.

Razzleberry is a pure Afghanica cross of Raspberry Kush and Purple Kush, which are themselves rare strains most people have never heard of. The strain produces beautiful popcorn buds shaped like ice cream cone swirls, and graced by scarlet crimson tones.

HSC’s Blueberry Muffin smells just like a blueberry muffin and its pure Kush phenotype gives you all the characteristics of Razzleberry Kush, with an average 45-55 day bloom phase and moderate to heavy yields.

Due to the rare trio of Kush genetics on board, this strain is perfect as source genetics for your own marijuana breeding program.

Mango Sherbert

Authentic mango cannabis strains have a high level of myrcene, a terpenoid also found in mangos, and one that potentiates the effects of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and other cannabinoids.

This potentiation results in mango strains being known for medical effects such as sedation, pain relief, anti-spasm, muscle relaxation, sleep-inducing, and other Indica effects.

In Northern California where HSC sources its genetics, they’ve found regional strains in the sherbert category. Sherbet strains are distinguished by high potency and their delicious taste and smell, which is just like fruity, citrusy ice cream.

HSC’s skilled cross between Mango Trees and Sherbert strains gives you a high-yielding Indica line that produces buds smelling of mango, pine and vanilla after a 50-57 day bloom phase.

Some people are able to function after inhaling the vapor of this powerhouse strain. Others go into blissful sleep. It’s a tasty winner.

I also recommend HSC’s Mango Trees, which contains Jack Herer and Humboldt OG lineage, along with mango genetics.

Pineapple Muffin

This cross of Humboldt Seed Company original strains includes Blueberry Muffin and Pineapple Train Wreck genetics to give the grower a 50-50 split between Sativa and Indica influences.

These plants have ideal structure, growing wide naturally and becoming huge bushes when properly trimmed and trained before bloom phase.

After 55-60 days in bloom phase, you get bright green buds tinged with purple, a stimulating high, and a taste that combine blueberries and pineapple. Another benefit of this strain, especially for outdoor growers, is that it tends to be resistant to gray mold (botrytis).

Fire OG

Along with San Fernando Valley OG, Fire OG is a top-rank pure California Kush that commands high prices and is known for a mind-crushing high. It gets its name from its reddish-orange bud hairs, which make the buds kind of look like they’re on fire.

It needs 60 days in bloom phase to produce the rock-hard bud nugs pure Kush is famous for. This strain is used by breeders as a foundational cross, and has a 50-50 Sativa-Kush split. Please remember that OG Kush strains require at least an intermediate level of grower skill and experience.

These are just a few of the impressive strains offered only by this boutique breeder consortium in one of the world’s most famous cannabis growing areas.

Another reason I recommend this company’s cannabis strains is they provide useful technical support for growers unsure about which of their many great strains will do best in a specific gardening program or outdoor setting.

The good people at HSC all love cannabis and are happy to talk to growers, so feel free to contact them to discuss your cannabis genetics needs. Some of the strains covered in this article might be retired by the time you read the article, so ask HSC which of their current line is similar to what you read about.

You can count on 100% germination rate, true-growing phenotypes, and phenomenal results when you invest in Humboldt Seed Company strains!