People have been growing their own marijuana for years, because it was illegal to buy it. Now retail marijuana sales are legal in several states, and some growers have abandoned their gardens.

Well, I’ve sampled the best dispensary buds, edibles, tincturess, beverages and concentrates, and I’m here to tell you  I’ve grown my own marijuana for many years, and marijuana legalization won’t change that.

I grow marijuana that’s better than anything you can buy anywhere, and you can too!

I went to the top legal cannabis dispensaries in my state and in Colorado, Oregon, California and several other states and sampled their best buds. I was glad to discover my homegrown buds are stronger, tastier, more potent.

That’s because I’ve invested in rare marijuana cuttings and landrace marijuana seeds, grow “craft” marijuana, and consume it at maximum freshness.

I’m not a marijuana strains breeding genius, but I know enough to make crosses, choose phenotypes, and backcross to make marijuana varieties nobody else has.

The fact that I’ve made my own strains isn’t the main benefit of breeding—it’s that I’ve made strains that give me exactly the kind of high and medicinal effects I want.

You can buy legal marijuana from dispensaries with the biggest menus, and still NOT get the marijuana effects you need and crave. Only by craft-growing your own cannabis flowers do you get the exact effects you desire.

Growing My Own Marijuana Ensures Health & Safety

No matter what testing and regulatory scheme a legalized cannabis state or country has, you can never be totally sure if cannabis buds or processed cannabis products are 100% safe.

I’ve seen research data showing pesticide and other contamination even in cannabis products produced under strict regulatory schemes.

It’s staggering how much garbage ends up on and in commercial marijuana plants and processed cannabis products.

I’ve examined dispensary buds and concentrates using magnification, and seen pet hairs, ashes, human hairs, insect bodies, dirt, mold spores, powdery mildew, and other contaminants.

I can immediately detect by taste and smell when dispensary weed is moldy, mildewed, improperly dried and cured, and when concentrates retain residue of hexane, alcohol, butane, and other solvents used to extract cannabinoids and terpenoids from whole bud.

Worse yet, most marijuana-specific fertilizer brands transfer heavy metals and and other junk directly into your crops. And many unscrupulous growers use harmful pesticides, toxic bud boosters, fungicides, and mildewcides on their plants during flowering; these harmful substances are often present in plant tissue at harvest.

Regulations and ethical licensed legal growers ensure that a percentage of what you can buy at weed stores is clean and safe. But how can you be absolutely sure that buds and other cannabis products are 100% pure?

Only by producing them yourself using the cleanest, safest grow room procedures, nutrients, processing, and materials, that’s how.

Marijuana Effects You Love

Getting what you want from cannabis goes beyond breeding your own proprietary marijuana seeds and strains. Another thing you can do to customize the high is by choosing when to harvest. Cannabis flowers are amazing factories that produce cannabinoids and terpenoids. The percentages and ratios of these compounds change constantly throughout the plants’ flowering phase.

Instead of looking at the seed catalogue, seeing that the strain is listed as ready for harvest after 56 days in bloom phase, and harvesting at 56 days, you can harvest earlier and/or later than that, sampling the buds to see which high suits you best.

This tactic helped me when I grow highly-sedating Kush and Indica strains for customers. I personally dislike that heavy, sedating high so I harvest buds for myself about two weeks early, and get a more stimulating high, while allowing most of the buds to continue ripening to create the knockout Kush and Indica punch my customers crave.

This works in the other direction too. I’ve grown Sativa strains, sampled them at the recommended harvest time, and found them so stimulating that they made me anxious, paranoid, or sleepless. By allowing these zingy Sativa buds to ripen past ideal harvest time, some of the THC degrades to CBN, and more CBD develops, creating a less-jarring, more chill high.

Growing Marijuana Makes You Feel Great!

It’s in our deepest DNA to nurture an organism small and helpless, and with our care, love and effort, to see it grow into fruitful maturity. Nurturing cannabis plants can seem sometimes almost as fulfilling as when you “grow” a child or love a pet.

Growing marijuana requires a special kind of human-plant relationship, because marijuana plants can’t easily tell you when they’re happy or sad.  But you learn to read them, to understand when the environment, light and food you give them is optimized.

Why grow? Because you create lush, green cannabis plants oozing with the freshest, strongest, sweetest cannabinoid and terpenoids resins that make you feel good in a way nothing else can.

Growing & Selling Marijuana Gives You Freedom

The marijuana growing lifestyle helps me avoid things I dislike intensely, such as getting up early five days or more per week, putting on work clothes, commuting through teeth-grinding traffic to an office or other worksite, dealing with workplace politics, being trapped in the job all day, worrying about being fired, and all the other things that made “Take this job and shove it” such a popular song.

Growing the best cannabis isn’t making me rich, but I have enough customers to make a sufficient amount of money each year so I don’t need any other job.

I have personal freedom to arrange my days and nights so I do my gardening chores when I feel energetic, and can rest and recharge the rest of the time.

By growing cannabis and selling it at reasonable prices and with a customized product grown to suit each client’s needs, I’m doing my part to fight against corporatism, the creeping takeover of employment and the necessities of life by larger and larger corporations that view everything and everyone as commodities.

I provide better prices,  better medicine, and more personalized service. I have saved the lives of customers by growing strains of cannabis specifically for their medical needs, and by discounting cannabis to zero dollars for customers in dire straits.

My customers could go to legal dispensaries and some of them have, but they always come back to me because my buds and prices are better.

If you’re primarily a medical user, you can grow medicinal strains that are far better and safer for reducing pain, anxiety, depression and other problems than any pharmaceutical you could use.

Another reason to grow your own: growing cannabis from seeds preserves cannabis genetic diversity so cannabis won’t become monopolized by Big Ag and other corporate vultures, as has happened with corn, soybeans, wheat, and other crops.

Cannabis growing is an art and science, and the end result is cannabis you need and love. If you’re a marijuana grower right now, keep on growing. If you haven’t started growing cannabis, start growing.

The pride, fun and cost savings of growing your own instead of buying cannabis are well worth it. When you want the best marijuana, you grow it yourself!