As a black market marijuana grower and seller, I’ve always looked at so-called marijuana legalization as a scam.

Until the marijuana plant has the same legal status as tomato plants and other plants, it’s really not legal.

Of course it’s great that people in Canada and many American states can legally buy and possess marijuana. Police are very angry that one of their favorite sports—busting marijuana users—is no longer an option in legalized states.

Some legalization laws allow you to grow a few marijuana plants. None of them allow you to sell what you grow. The reason? Marijuana was primarily legalized because states wanted to destroy the black market. We created the marijuana industry–the government wants to take it from us and give it to the white market.

The white market is a tax and fee scheme that governments count on for massive profits.

It’s also a way to get marijuana users and growers to out themselves by registering as “medical marijuana” cardholders.

I’ve lived and grown in several states where medical marijuana laws supposedly protect the marijuana community.

Using a fake name and documents, I engaged state government medical marijuana systems and discovered the massive fees, expensive yearly renewals, invasive handing over of personal data, incompetent/braindead/greedy “medical cannabis” doctors, and lack of privacy inherent to registering for a medical marijuana card.

Also note that most state legalization laws allow police to access the official medical marijuana database. By registering in this system, you’re snitching on yourself.

The other problem, which only affects consumers who don’t grown their own marijuana, is that legal dispensary marijuana sucks and is expensive.

You never really know how it was grown, what the genetics are, or whether the high is the perfect high for you when you buy dispensary products.

You can grow much better cannabis yourself, for a fraction of the cost of buying it.

Now from Chicago, Illinois comes another reason to avoid the medical marijuana legalization system.

According to an Inspector General report from the Illinois Department of Public Health, managers and other high-ranking employees of the state’s medical cannabis division used registrant photos and private information for recreational purposes.

They created a “yearbook” including photos of medical marijuana applicants, along with insulting comments about the applicants.

The comments indicated that the state employees believe marijuana users are stupid stoners worthy of ridicule.

According to the Chicago Tribune newspaper, the Inspector General investigation began after an anonymous complaint in 2021 alleging that then-chief of the medical cannabis division, Myles Willingham, printed a patient photo and put it in the yearbook, which was kept in a break room at an Illinois government facility.

Willingham pretended he really didn’t know much if anything about the insulting yearbook, but the Inspector General (IG) report said “not only did Willingham fail to take any action to curtail this inappropriate behavior for approximately five months, he affirmatively participated in it. This conduct from a division head sends a strong message to employees that such offensive behavior is acceptable, and encourages its continuance.”

Aside from Willingham, four other employees — temporary office coordinator Sabrina Clark, administrative assistant Grace Furlong, office coordinator Miguel Alcocer Torres and office coordinator Marianella Rivera Rodriguez — violated the state employees’ code of conduct.

The cruel little clowns implicated in the IG report were not apologetic about their actions. Instead, they said it was all just good fun, and several of them slagged the Inspector General.

Sadly, they were not fired. Their “punishment” was a few days of paid leave.

Friends, this is just another reason you should grow your own marijuana. It’s not safe to out yourself as a marijuana user. You never know how stupid people are going to use the medical and private information you provide when you attempt to register with a government agency.

And if any of you readers know or can contact the clowns named in the article, tell them they’re despicable losers who should have lost their jobs.