Girl Scout Cookies and Mimosa are two of the most popular marijuana strains to come along in the past 20 years.

GSC is a combination of OG Kush and Durban Poison that leans slightly Indica. Mimosa smells like the champagne/citrus beverage called mimosa, and is a cross of Purple Punch and Clementine.

These strains get a lot of love because they’re easy to grow, they yield big, and their highs are powerful but not crippling.

In The Netherlands where the modern marijuana seeds and high-potency breeding industry got its start, one professional cannabis seeds breeder has been working with those two strains for years.

Now he has finally released an awesome new strain combining GSC and Mimosa. It’s called Seriotica, available only from legendary Serious Seeds.

Simon, the founder of Serious Seeds, has a talent for creating legendary strains: AK-47, Kali Mist, Bubble Gum, and Chronic are part of his marijuana seeds menu.

I’ve test-grown Seriotica twice in the past year. It’s one of those strains that after the first time you grow it, you want to immediately grow it again. Here’s why…

I usually grow several strains at the same time in the same room to see which strains grow best and which ones struggle.

My first Seriotica were grown with seven other strains. Out of all of them, it was the sturdiest, most resilient, highest-yielding, and fastest-finishing.

While other strains were having trouble handling accelerated light intensities and feed programs, Seriotica had no problems at all. It was a fast-grower showing no leaf symptoms or any other defects.

I topped it several times during a grow phase that lasted four weeks. It was the first strain to develop floral clusters after bloom phase started, and bloom phase stretch was slightly less than double.

After 23 days in bloom phase, floral clusters started emitting scintillating scents whose intensity increased as the buds got bigger and thicker.

Although Seriotica is remarkably stable and consistent in phenotype traits, I detected two phenotypes, but they are only differentiated by their terpenoid scents. All other morphology was uniform.

One phenotype expresses Cookies scent: brown sugar, baked sugar cookies, and mint.

The other expresses Mimosa scent: tangy orange and lime fruit punch, with a twist of fuel.

Now that I’ve grown the strain twice I’ve decided that the differences in scent don’t automatically translate into differences in effects.

For example, Cookies is known as a strong, euphoric but sedative strain while Mimosa is known as a stimulating strain.

With Seriotica you get a variable range of effects, depending on when you harvest, not just on the bud scents.

As you probably already know, we recommend incremental harvesting as a generic policy. With Seriotica, I started harvesting 49 days into bloom phase, in part because the buds were already thick, extremely dense, loaded with cloudy trichomes, displaying a lovely reddish-blue tint that intensified even more as bloom phase progressed.

I continued incremental harvesting until final chop-chop, at 58 days in bloom.

The range of effects was impressive. The earliest-harvested buds created a very strong, uplifting, color-enhancing high with delicious taste delivered through my precision Storz & Bickel Mighty+ vaporizer.

Depending on the vaporizer temperature, the taste of mimosa, mint, grape, and fruit candy came through from the chunky, gooey buds. These scents are also very strong and tantalizing when you open a jar of cured Seriotica.

Buds harvested later also created a strong, long-lasting high with delicious taste, but the high trended more towards what you expect from sedative Girl Scout Cookies when GSC is leaning towards its Kush rather than Durban Poison genotype.

I use marijuana mainly so I can be active while high, so heavy Kush and Indica strains aren’t my favorites. The good news is that even the 57-day Seriotica provided an enjoyable and functional high, rather than a disabling high.

The earlier buds are great for doing athletics. The later buds are great for watching movies, getting a massage, doing yoga, having sex.

The Seriotica high isn’t like other strains, can’t be classified as Indica or Sativa. and is exceptionally entertaining and rewarding.

The high hits immediately and at first is very strong and body-centered. This feeling goes away after a few minutes and an energized, euphoric high takes its place.

Seriotica buds are thick and tight, but in my two test grows, they never developed gray mold (botrytis) even when other strains in the same room did.

The buds cure well and become visually beautiful, with an iridescent azure tint that makes them very attractive to buyers.

Seriotica buds I’ve stored in glass jars in the freezer still have the scent and potency of freshly-cured buds, after seven months in storage.

One cool thing is when we leave Seriotica buds in an active vaporizer and a lot of vapor leaks out, the house always smells like freshly-baked cookies!

Due to the high resin gland percentages, Seriotica is very useful for making icewater hash,  kief, dry sift, and other cannabis concentrates.

The buds are easy to manicure because they’re not leafy.

One of the best ways to evaluate new strains is to share buds with other professional growers. Everybody I shared with loves the Seriotica strain.

One grower who was disappointed by elite cuts of Mimosa and GSC said Seriotica greatly exceeded his expectations, so he bought Seriotica seeds for himself.

Harvest weight averaged 139 grams per indoor plant, which is impressive considering the plants weren’t very tall.

Seriotica is a total winner from Serious Seeds, but that’s no surprise, because Simon only releases new strains when he has something very special.

Most marijuana seeds breeders release multiple strains per year, mainly for profit purposes, not because the new strains are anything really unique or exclusive.

Simon never does that. He works on strains for years, and abandons most projects if they can’t live up to the stellar quality of his existing strains while also giving growers new experiences and genetics.

When you order Seriotica seeds, you might also want to get a pack of the new Mimosa-based strain he’s testing called Seriosa.

Seriosa is a cross between the famous AK-47 and Mimosa and is already getting rave reviews.

Seriotica and Seriosa are available in feminized seeds only, but you don’t have to worry about problems common with feminized seeds from other seed companies because Simon is a perfectionist with a sure-fire way of making flawless feminized seeds.

I’ve never had a Serious Seed strain go hermie or otherwise fail. Simon has a lock on reliable, consistent marijuana breeding techniques and quality control.

Check out our other articles on Serious Seeds strains, and order several strains today. The Netherlands is experiencing the worst effects of climate change. Some scientists predict the country will be partially underwater within 10-15 years. You never know how long elite strains such as Seriotica will be easily available. Get ‘em while you can!