After years of buying marijuana seeds from all the top-selling cannabis seeds companies and dozens of lesser-known companies, we’ve learned that only a few cannabis seeds breeders are offering reliably spectacular strains.

It’s a sad fact that most cannabis seeds companies sell you inferior copies of strains they didn’t create.

Or, they’re shilling poorly-made hybrid strains that offer nothing new, interesting, or exciting in smell, taste, yield, or psychoactive traits. Or maybe they get your money but you never receive the seeds, lol. It happens.

The good news is we’ve found the most incredible cannabis seeds company you’ve probably never heard of.

We discovered them by chance when a European grower shared some buds grown by someone else. They were from an outdoor non-feminized crop, and had seeds.

The buds didn’t look or smell like buds from the hundreds of marijuana strains that came on the market in the past 15 years, and we weren’t expecting anything special.

But after a couple of vape hits, we felt like we were in an up-elevator powered by rocket engines. We all noted a startling, distinct sensation combining dizziness, giddiness, and euphoria. One of us fell over laughing at the awesome power of this weed.

After that came three hours of visual and auditory near-hallucinations, a disorienting body high, and bursts of creativity and hilarity, followed by mild burnout.

What the hell was that, we asked ourselves. Finally we tracked down the grower, who told us this is a pure 100% Sativa landrace from Malawi, Africa, grown from seeds sold by a seed company we’d never heard of: ACE Seeds.

We did an indoor test grow with the Malawi seeds. In a room with three other strains, the Malawi shot up so fast in grow phase that we put the plants into bloom 20 days after germination.

The Malawi plants grew like beasts even though we repeatedly topped them. Had to be tied down to keep them from hitting the grow lights. Tied branches generated huge buds growing vertical. I estimate that if not topped and tied down, the plants would have been 8-10 feet tall, or taller.

For a pure Sativa, the buds were large and thick, with side branches managing to stay upright even though they were loaded with flowers.

Significant resin gland development didn’t start until five weeks into bloom phase. Mature resin glands were huge and clear until bloom phase week eleven, when a few started going amber or cloudy.

We harvested at 84 days. The buds dried to a beautiful golden color, and smelled like oranges, mango, vanilla, sandalwood, pine, and fuel.

The high was even more psychedelic and intense than the seeded buds we’d sampled initially. Note this: we are all long-time marijuana users who get high all the time. Any strain that breaks through our baseline high and hits hard has to be top-rank.

We studied the ACE website, which sets the standard for useful details provided to growers, and nodded in agreement reading what ACE says about its Malawi strain:

“The potency of Malawi flowers is simply devastating, recommended for experienced users who seek extreme sativa effects and high yields. DO NOT mix with alcohol. DO NOT use any dangerous machinery under its effect.”

ACE gives you geographical and genetic lineage details about strain origins, precise lab-verified cannabinoid and terpenoid levels, resistance to gray mold, spider mites, powdery mildew, cold and heat, along with medical and psychoactive effects, scent, cultivation techniques, and a whole lot more.

They take the guesswork out of growing, and are very helpful when answering grower queries.

ACE’s marijuana seeds menu is loaded with goodies because ACE is the leader of a consortium of elite, ethical, connoisseur seed breeders whose seeds are available through the ACE website. These elite breeders include:

  • Romulan Genetics—ACE carries the famous true Romulan in a verified backcross version.
  • Khalifa Genetics offers stable inbred and F1 strains along with the rarest landrace Asian genetics.
  • Indian Landrace Exchange is a collective of indigenous frontline marijuana farmers, seed collectors, and preservationists from Asia using landrace and heirloom genetics you can’t get anywhere else.
  • Green Mountain Seeds, whose breeder Vermontman has created wicked strains such as Purple Satellite, a 100% sativa hybrid between Oaxacan and Nepalese genetics, using landrace and inbred lines to make seriously great crosses.

Here’s a warning: don’t visit the ACE Seeds website until you have a lot of time to sit in awe of the unparalleled strain menu.

It also helps to have a pile of money ready to spend on seeds, because you’ll go into a buying frenzy.

Before we give you a tip of the iceberg look at the dozens of incredible strains ACE offers, we need to explain that ACE is the only legitimate seeds company offering these types of rare strains.

Before we found ACE, we’d seen a few other seed companies with menus that somewhat resemble the ACE menu. These companies claim to have rare strains from Honduras, Panama, Laos, China, Japan, Africa, and other exotic locations.

But when we test seeds from those companies, and query company owners about their breeding, seed quality, shipping, and guarantees, we are met with lies, evasion, and hostility. Their seeds were crap—full of hermies, mutants, and wholly unreliable garbage.

We met the owner of one of those companies–a bizarre, violent guy who confessed he’s a wealthy pollen chucker who just throws names like Malawi Gold, Romulan, Vietnamese, and Thai onto seeds that aren’t at all phenotype reliable or capable of producing fire marijuana.

In contrast, ACE is totally transparent and honest about its breeding, quality control, shipping, and warranties. There’s no hype or bullshit in their marketing or strains menu. They really do have superb cannabis genetics you can’t get anywhere else.

The El Supremo of ACE Seeds, Luis Ferrer, says ACE is dedicated to giving you new, exciting cultivation experiences, highs, and medical effects, providing you the foundational genetics that created all modern marijuana strains.

ACE works hard to prevent the ongoing loss of cannabis genetic diversity and landrace habitat. As humans take over the planet, creating anthropogenic mass extinction, many species of plants and trees are being extinguished forever.

With increasing cannabis hybridization, foundational strains are buried under mountains of amateurish interbreeding.

That’s why ACE preserves pure marijuana genetics in a living “marijuana library.” By selling landrace strains and unicorn inbred lines and exquisite hybrids, ACE does its part to maintain the genetic diversity cannabis needs if it is to survive climate change, globalization, and the monopolistic corporate cannabis industry.

Another great thing about ACE is their attention to detail and their desire to create “perfect” marijuana seeds.

Our testing reveals that at least 65% of so-called feminized cannabis seeds from other seed companies show hermie bananas or go full hermie under stress conditions or if you let your plants grow past their ideal harvest date.

ACE has the courage to tell you if a strain has natural hermie tendencies. And when they tell you a strain absolutely will not go hermie under any circumstances, they’re not bullshitting.

ACE is also very honest about phenotype variation and the range of traits you might get from seeds of the same strain. If the seeds are all going to grow out to be plants that look and perform exactly alike, or if the plants will show pheno variation, ACE makes sure you know ahead of time.

They test their strains in genetics labs, and provide documentation that you’re getting pure, verified genetics with unicorn suites of cannabinoids and terpenoids.

Another trait separating ACE from other cannabis seeds companies is the timeliness, stealth, and package engineering of their seed shipments.

ACE’s professionalism and honesty are a welcome relief when you’ve been burned during seed transactions like we have.

We’ve been harmed by careless seed companies that sent us seeds in plastic bags inside unpadded envelopes. The seeds got crushed. Or envelopes were torn open.

We’ve had lots of fearful days worrying because careless seed companies did not use stealth shipping, creating huge problems at borders and putting us at risk.

Here’s how different ACE is…we’ve ordered seeds from ACE at the same time as or even after ordering from other companies. ACE was shipping the furthest distance of any we ordered from.

And yet…they even beat the shipping from a seed seller the next state over.

It’s obvious ACE created an engineered packaging system, and secure shipping methods, that ensure you get your seeds in good condition and every effort made to avoid government interference or detection.

When we look at marijuana seeds companies, we look at whether their seeds are too old, and/or haven’t been handled and stored properly.

Germination rates below 90% are unacceptable, and it’s easy to tell when seeds aren’t fresh because their colors are faded and dull, and they don’t pop. Or even if they do pop, the seedlings are weak and pathetic.

I celebrate the fact that these common marijuana seeds problems just do not happen with ACE marijuana seeds. They know their genetics are very valuable, and you deserve the freshest seeds possible.

That’s why they store their seeds in controlled conditions with constant low temperatures, humidity, and sterile environment that promote seed longevity.

Other seed companies make a batch of seeds and sell them for several years. ACE makes fresh batches of seeds every few months, so their inventory is always fresh. This translates into 100% germination rate, vigorous plants, and heavier harvests.

Many strains sold by ACE are limited edition, made in small batches. When you see strains you like, it’s best to buy them right away, before they’re sold out.

Now let’s look at just a few of the amazing strains you get from ACE:

  • Zamaldelica: Zamal is an exotic African Landrace sativa from Reunion Island, close to Madagascar, famous for its extreme vigor and legendary psychedelic effect. ACE selected a Zamal mother and a Golden Tiger father to create Zamaldelica, which rocks you with an extreme Sativa high. One reason it’s so strong: it has no CBD at all!
  • Bangi Haze: This Haze makes Jack Herer and Super Silver Haze seem like schwag. It’s an F8 stabilized Congolese/Nepalese hybrid with incredible resistance to molds, mildews and humid/wet conditions that gives you a soaring Haze high. It does well indoors or outdoors in a variety of climates.
  • Kali China: This is an F5 cross between the original Kali Mist and Chinese Yunnan genetics that took ten years to develop. The high combines Indica and Sativa influences for a very powerful psychedelic/body adventure.
  • Panama: Old marijuana growers remember Panama Red, one of the strongest and prettiest strains from the early days of the cannabis growing industry and importation. ACE used three original Panama Sativas to create this one beautiful strain with pink and red pistils and a lovely high.
  • Wailing Valley: High in the mountains of India, there’s a valley famous for cultivation of hashish plants. The valley is closed to almost all outsiders, so it’s astounding that ACE got in there to procure these genetics that give you a powerful blend of Sativa and Indica effects, along with massive terpene scents including intimate human female scent, patchouli, cherries, and wine.
  • Pineapple Banana Bud: ACE used pure Hawaiian and Malawi Sativa to create this dessert strain that smells and tastes like cotton candy, bananas, pineapples. You get an immediate head rush and a long, euphoric, body-stoning high that has no burnout effect.
  • Romulan BX1: Lovers of this legendary strain will appreciate the lengthy breeding project that created this extremely stable, high-yielding, Indica-dominant strain that delivers a wonderfully balanced, intense high.
  • Purple Haze 23 A5: Decades in the making, this strain includes genetics from the original Neville’s Haze along with other elite old-school Haze lines. As with Bangi Haze, this strain blows away commercial “Haze” sold by Sensi Seeds and other companies, giving you a true Haze high that can change your life! This is a limited edition strain, so buy seeds while you still can.

You can spend hours on the ACE website making a shopping list and getting a cannabis genetics education at the same time. The backstory behind their strains is fascinating.

As you’re aware if you’re a regular reader of Growing Marijuana Perfectly (as you should be, lol), we don’t recommend any marijuana strains, seed companies or grow gear until we’ve thoroughly examined the products and makers to ensure they’re absolutely legit.

We talked to growers and marijuana industry insiders all over the world about ACE.

A Dutchman named “Markus,” who worked in seed grow ops clandestinely for several High Times Cannabis Cup marijuana seeds companies said the following:

“They have what nobody else has and so I’m surprised they sell breeder’s packs and regular seeds so you can breed with their strains. Most people would hoard these strains by selling them only feminized. These are the godlike strains that people like Neville, Arjan, Ben Dronkers, Ed Rosenthal, Jorge Cervantes, and other big weed guys could only dream of.”

Another powerful testimonial comes from Simon, founder of Serious Seeds, creator of legendary strains like Bubble Gum, AK-47, and Kali Mist.

“Luis is one of the few honest people in the seed industry. His strains are amazing,” Simon said.

Note that ACE is a direct competitor of Serious Seeds. In an industry known for macho competition and backstabbing, to hear the head of one seed company praising his competitor says a lot about how impressive ACE is.

If you’re like us and you’re bored with the Golden Goats, Purps, Ghost Hazes, Cookies, Gelatos, Kushes, Blue Dreams, Skunks, OG this or that, Headbands, Green Crack, Wedding Cakes, Lemon whatever, Chemdawgs, Trainwrecks, Jack Herers, Runtz and other mainstream commercial hybrids, you’ll always cherish the day you discovered ACE Seeds and got into growing extraordinary genetics very few growers ever get to cultivate.

You’ll grow strains with leaves thinner and more serrated than you’ve ever seen, more complex aromas, and near-LSD highs.

Whether you grow organic marijuana, hydroponics, indoors or outdoors, whether you grow for cash crops or the love of cannabis cultivation and breeding your own strains, ACE is the place for genetics that wildly exceed your expectations.

Be sure to look at the YouTube videos embedded here. Take a look at the photo of an Ace pure Sativa at the top of the article. Those razor-thin leaves and vivid colors are seen only on rare Sativa strains.

The smart strategy is to order as many ACE strains as you can, and bank them. ACE strains are marijuana seeds collectibles, worth more than gold!