Before I describe the tasty, potent, high-yielding Auto Glueberry OG cannabis strain you see in the photo for this article, I want to introduce you to Dutch Passion, the strain’s breeder.

Dutch Passion is one of the last, great Dutch seed companies that traces its heritage back to the early days of the high-potency cannabis breeding and commercial cannabis seed industry revolution that started in The Netherlands in the 1970s and 80s.

Dutch Passion founder Henk van Dalen is among the handful of legendary Dutch cannabis lovers who traveled the world decades ago, procuring rare landrace cannabis genetics and developing them into stable, easy to grow, beloved cannabis strains that form the foundations of the modern cannabis genetics cache.

These cherished strains include Dutch Passion versions of Power Plant, Mazar, White Widow, and the prized Skunk #11.

Henk also helped pioneer the process of making feminized and autoflowering cannabis strains that are worth growing.

High Times gave Henk its first-ever Dutch Master Award in 2011, to honor his numerous Cannabis Cup award-winning strains and his overall contribution to cannabis genetics and seeds.

While most of the legendary Dutch marijuana seed companies have lost their original magic, unable to maintain genetic reliability of their famous strains or create worthwhile new strains, Dutch Passion continues to deliver a suite of fresh, well-bred marijuana seeds and a strain menu few can equal.

In fact, some of their new strains are just as good if not better than their famous heritage strains, and if you’re a fan of autoflowering marijuana, Dutch Passion offers the most impressive and diverse autoflowering collection you can find.

Their scientists continue to conduct pioneering research by developing strains dominated by lesser-known cannabinoids including CBG (cannabigerol) and THC-V (tetrahydrocannabivarin).

Another good thing about Dutch Passion is their superbly professional website. Most marijuana seed companies have amateurish websites that fail to provide you enough strain information to make an intelligent choice about whether the strain will work well in your grow room or outdoor marijuana growing.

In contrast, Dutch Passion’s website is visually attractive, information-rich, well-organized, and obviously created by marijuana growers who know what you want to know about marijuana genetics, bloom duration, plant height, and other strain characteristics when you’re choosing strains.

Dutch Passion provides much more information about the origins and cultivation practices for their strains than any other seed company, and their grower assistance people are easy to reach.

The website provides multiple photos of most strains—many of the photos coming from customers—to document the strain’s morphology and yield.

You appreciate that Dutch Passion strain information is totally accurate. Many marijuana seeds breeders provide inadequate or misleading information about bloom phase duration, plant height, potency, pest and pathogen resistance, genetic origins and other key strain information. Dutch Passion’s strain descriptions are spot on, and their seeds grow out exactly as described.

Now let’s focus on Dutch Passion’s Auto Glueberry O.G. We’ve grown this feminized autoflowering marijuana strain many times indoors and outdoors, and it’s always reliable, stable, and produces consistent results. Here’s the data set for our testing of Auto Glueberry OG:

Genetics: This strain is a rock-solid combination of heritage/pure OG Kush, Gorilla Glue, and Blueberry, with autoflowering cannabis genetics added in. This gives you an extremely attractive assortment of embedded cannabis genetics.

For example, Gorilla Glue’s genetic precursors include other amazing strains such as Chemdawg, Sour Diesel, Northern Lights, Chocolate Diesel, and Bubblegum. This rich mix of valuable genetics makes Auto Glueberry OG a slightly Sativa-dominant hybrid.

We’ve had 100% germination rate from multiple sets of Auto Glueberry OG seeds procured over a significant period of time.

Total Crop Time: Indoors, this strain has a range of 10-13 weeks from seed germination to harvest. Outdoors, where it’s likely to get less light per day than the 18-20 hours per day autoflowering cannabis prefers, we’ve seen it take as long as 14 weeks before it’s ready for harvest, or as short as eleven weeks.

Pests & Pathogens: Auto Glueberry OG outdoors appears to be a magnet for aphids, mites and gray mold. Because the strain’s buds are so thick with resins from its Gorilla Glue influence, and so large in diameter, it’s challenging to avoid mold if your bloom phase humidity is above 52%.

Only in suitable climates with low humidity and not much if any rainfall in peak bloom phase is this strain useful for us outdoors.

Indoors, control humidity to keep grow room air dry enough to defeat gray mold. This can create problems with vapor pressure deficit, explained here.

You should also ensure efficient air exhaust and air movement in your grow room.

Note that although the strain is susceptible to mites, aphids and grey mold, it is otherwise very resilient, able to handle tough outdoor conditions such as extreme heat or cold, drought, windstorms, hail, and other stressors.

Morphology & Growth Traits: Unless you top this strain, it grows into a classic Christmas tree shape, with a large, fat, central cola (we’ve measured main colas as much as 9-13 inches long) as the pinnacle of the plant, and symmetrical side branching below.

Root growth is aggressive, so use larger than usual containers for this strain if you want it to reach its full potential.

It starts flowering on its own about 17-23 days after germination, although outdoors it often takes longer than that.

The leaf color and bud structure is an interesting hybrid of Kush and Gorilla Glue. You get typical Kush dark-green leaves with a slight blue tint, but buds are much longer and fatter, and much more resinous, than pure Kush buds. These aren’t the usual Kush popcorn buds. They’re more like fist-sized pyramids of resin.

The Gorilla Glue input is so prominent that Auto Glueberry OG is frostier than most Glue strains and White Widow strains. Its buds are so thick with resins that you have to use a lot of isopropyl alcohol during trimming to keep your trimmers from gluing up.

Growers who like to make dry sift, live resins and other extracts will appreciate the generous resination of Auto Glueberry O.G. flowers.

Branching is short and sturdy, and the strain appears to have two phenotypes. In our grow ops, one pheno is Sativa-dominant and will have a finished height indoors between 44-57 inches. This is pretty tall for an autoflowering strain, and your plants may benefit from SCROG nets or other supports, although these are sturdy plants that often need no supports.

The other pheno is more Blueberry/Kush-dominant and has finished height indoors between 37-48 inches. This pheno is ideal for sea of green and doesn’t need plant supports.

In outdoor marijuana growing with ample root zone size, this strain can reach close to five feet high or a few inches above it.

We’ve never seen Auto Glueberry OG develop hermie flowers.

Topping and Training: Autoflowering cannabis plants should generally be left untopped, but you can get higher yields and a shorter plant if you only top once, a week after early floral structures appear, but not earlier or later than that. This is usually in weeks three or four after germination.

We’ve trained Auto Glueberry OG plants in 10-20 gallon containers to have multiple candelabra colas, and some of these monsters yielded ridiculously generous amounts of bud from one plant.

Cultivation Tips: Don’t overwater. Make your dark cycle temperatures 4-6°F cooler than lights-on temperatures. If you’re a skilled grower, this strain does well in soil, soilless mix, coco coir, water culture, rockwool and other substrates and systems. Keep the root zone as close to 68-69°F as possible.

Scent & Taste: Live buds during peak and late bloom smell strongly like blueberries, raspberries, and turpentine. You get a fruity, sweet aroma, but also a skunky, peppery, turpentine aroma that makes the scent aggressive rather than all-sweet.

After drying and curing, the buds taste delicious in a vape or combusted, with fruit, turpentine, and even a little diesel or sour creeping in. These glistening buds look, smell and taste great, making them easily marketable.

Auto Glueberry OG puts out a lot of penetrating, mobile scent while growing, drying and curing, so be aware of the security risks from that.

Nutrients: This strain seems to prefer fertile soil, soilless mix and veganic or organic fertilizers in a living root zone, but also does well with hydroponics nutrients as long as you don’t overfeed.

We’ve gotten our best yields from simple hydroponics feed programs consisting of a quality base nutrients formula, and a bloom booster. Be sure to add beneficial microbes to the root zone. Also, give the plants a tablespoon of organic unsulfured molasses dissolved in nutrients water every other week.

Lighting: Outdoors, this strain won’t develop to its full potential unless it gets direct sunlight at least 15-16 hours or more per day during the first 7-9 weeks of its life. But most outdoor places don’t have sunlight hours that last that long, so using supplemental lighting or doing an indoor-outdoor grow is essential.

As with most autoflowering strains, Auto Glueberry OG  needs a very long light cycle (longer than is naturally present in most places on earth) every day or else it tends to be stunted.

Beware of bringing aphids, mites and gray mold into an indoor grow environment if you do indoor-outdoor growing, as they love this strain.

In indoor grow ops, Auto Glueberry OG does best with LED lighting that’s a steady 18-20 hours per day from start to finish. After plants have established five or more leaf sets and adequate root mass, you can use an aggressive lighting program (based on what the light manufacturer recommends) but as always, monitor for leaf burn and other plant stress.

Harvest Weight: A heavy producer, this gooey strain delivers above-average harvest weight. Trained plants in large containers can easily yield eight or more ounces, with some of our Auto Glueberry OG plants delivering as much as eleven ounces of sticky dried and cured buds per plant. The lowest yield we ever got was four and a half ounces of crystalline dried bud from a very short, fast-finishing Blueberry/Kush phenotype.

Cultivation Tips: Don’t overwater. Make your dark cycle temperatures 4-7 degrees cooler than lights-on temperatures. Monitor carefully for pests and diseases, especially when the buds are huge and gooey.

Getting High With Auto Glueberry OG: Can you handle it? This is a very strong, potentially crippling strain. The high starts out bubbly and funhouse like a Sativa-dominant strain, but if you consume more than you should, lol, the Kush stone comes on like a sledgehammer.

If you love Kush and Blueberry strains, this strain provides the gravity-shifting high you crave. But due to the Gorilla Glue Sativa input, it isn’t quite as couchlock as pure Blueberry or Kush buds.

Psychologically, Auto Glueberry OG makes you feel creative, relaxed, goofy, introspective, and floaty. Time slows down, anxiety dissipates, the world feels sane again.

Physically, pain goes away, muscles are relaxed, heart rate decreases…you’re not likely to go out sprinting when you’re high on this powerful Kush derivative.

It’s a great late afternoon and evening strain, works against insomnia, and is a hot aphrodisiac marijuana strain that makes bed sports much more fun…and likely.

Synopsis: Dutch Passion has a massive catalogue of heritage photoperiod strains that have been favorites for decades, as well as foundational autoflowering strains and new, scintillating autoflowering and photoperiod strains.

Auto Glueberry OG is an autoflowering feminized strain that produces buds dripping with resin, taste and a long-lasting narcotic high. It finishes indoors 12-13 weeks after germination.

It’s easy to harvest because it’s not very leafy, and the buds are so long and dense that you have very little wasted internode space. They give you a seductive fruity/piney/turpentine taste familiar to any consumer of connoisseur Kush and Blueberry strains, and the high is strong and long-lived.

Auto Glueberry OG is already a cult classic for many growers. Especially if you’ve never tried autoflowering marijuana before and you love Kush and Blueberry strains, grow this resin-champion cannabis strain now!