Strain Name: Herz OG

Breeder: Exotic Seeds

Seed Type: Feminized photoperiod

Genetics: Kush-dominant: Larry OG X Kosher Kush

Growing Environment: Indoors. LED grow lights. Grodan rockwool; drip irrigation. No added C02.

Hydroponics Nutrients: Advanced Nutrients

Bloom Phase Duration: 64-69 days

Yield: Average 129 grams per plant

Potency: Very High

Discussion of Herz OG Growing & Buds

Berlin-born rap artist Herzog told us he was a major cannabis seller before he became a musical artist. And there’s one thing I’m sure of: if he was still in the cannabis retail business, Herzog would be selling Herz OG, one of the most potent strains offered by European cannabis seeds breeder Exotic Seed.

Herzog and the Exotic Seeds breeding crew worked for three years in the collaboration that produced Herz OG, which won a prize as a top-ranked Indica at Spain’s Spannabis expo, and is heaven for people who love Kush cannabis.

The strain is a cross between two beloved Kush varieties, Larry OG and Kosher Kush. Larry OG is a cross that includes San Fernando Valley OG, one of the most sought-after California heritage Kush strains.

Kosher Kush has been popularized by DNA/Reserva Privada seeds and is said to have originated from a Southern California clone-only strain grown by Jewish growers who called it “Jew Gold.”

The Reserva Privada crew paid a high price for a prime Jew Gold clone, and changed its rather offensive name to Kosher Kush.

The Kush genetics that went into Herz OG are lineage genetics displaying the dark-green leaves, powerful scent and taste, hardiness, and high yield some Kush strains are famous for. It has two phenotypes that closely resemble each other. One is slightly shorter and faster-finishing than the other, with thicker buds.

I put Herz OG plants into 12-hour bloom phase 29 days after they germinated and used a moderate-strength feed program because I had a bit of leaf tip burn from overfertilizing early in bloom phase.

By day 39 of bloom phase I saw the buds would be very thick and dense with resin glands. This led me to implement my anti-gray mold program. Gray mold (botrytis) likes moisture and nitrogen. It can destroy a garden full of buds in a couple of days.

My anti-gray mold program includes using dehumidifiers to keep grow room humidity between 50-55% starting in peak bloom. I water less than I normally would, using less water. I use my hydroponics nutrients in such a way that they provide 50% less nitrogen than even a usual bloom phase base nutrient feed program would have. I examine the interior of buds with a magnifying glass several times a day and make sure my grow room stays closed to outside contamination from mold spores. This program is the best you can do to fight gray mold.

Herz OG buds swell up and fill in more than typical OG Kush strains, which tend to develop rock-hard “popcorn” buds rather than fat, longer buds that Herz OG produces.

In bloom phase, bud aroma is somewhat similar to typical Kush aroma, with influence of pine, pepper, and bit of citrus dominating the scent menu. During consumption, the pine flavor is the most pronounced one you taste.

Herz OG’s overwhelming body effects are accompanied by Sativa uplift provided by genetics from the Larry OG component of this impressive hybrid. Larry OG has Thai Sativa and Chemdawg genetics on-board.

Herz OG isn’t the kind of cannabis I consume in the morning because it’s very strong and has a major sedative effect. Its effects are great for getting a massage, having sex, doing yoga, meditating, swimming, being in a sauna, or lying on your back looking up at starry skies.

It’s also a useful medical cannabis strain that erases pain from arthritis, back injury, anxiety, tremors neuropathy, and similar ailments. People who suffer from insomnia should have no problem sleeping if they inhale this strain before they want to sleep.

As with most Kush strains, Herz OG isn’t for first-time marijuana growers. I recommend growing it indoors, although it could be successfully grown outdoors in places where late summer and autumn have lots of sun, adequate rainfall, and low humidity. Growers with past successful experience growing Kush and other cannabis strains should be easily able to provide the right environment, lighting and feed program that brings out the best in this kind, exemplary cannabis strain.

One final note…you may never have heard of Exotic Seed company. They’re based in Europe, and have won dozens of awards at cannabis competitions there. I’ve grown their strains and those strains are more reliable, viable, interesting, and potent than strains from well-known cannabis seeds companies. Check out this article about their delicious Mango Cream strain. When you procure Exotic Seeds genetics, you’re doing your grow room and head a favor!