A big portion of the marijuana growing community believes growing marijuana organically is superior to growing cannabis using synthetic hydroponics nutrients. There are arguments back and forth about that opinion, but the important thing is, how do you find organic fertilizers that are effective and safe. Because not all of them are.

My grow team has used all the “natural” and organic fertilizers on the marketplace: Nectar for the Gods, Earth Juice, FoxFarm, Mr. B’s, Green Gro, General Organics (a subsidiary of General Hydroponics), Roots Organics, and several others. We’ve also grown in supersoil, which isn’t necessarily all-organic, but does contain a rich blend of natural materials that nearly eliminate the need for adding fertilizers during watering, except when the soil is depleted of nutrients in late bloom phase.

Growing organic marijuana is easier and more useful in outdoor marijuana gardens with huge root zones comprised of soilless mix or relatively inert soil. In indoor grow rooms, most organic fertilizers cause problems if the grow op is using rockwool, coco coir, deep water culture, and aeroponics. These problems come because the fertilizers are too viscous and sludgy.

In our experience, most brands of organic fertilizers will cause you the following problems:

  • They’re not truly organic.
  • Many so-called organic certifications are based on weak standards.
  • Sloppy quality control leads to contamination, so harmful diseases and pollutants are transferred to cannabis plants, growers and users.
  • They don’t flow easily, if at all, in hydroponics systems.
  • They produce slower growth and lower yields than synthetic nutrients.
  • They smell bad and are difficult to use.
  • They create nasty root zone conditions that promote the growth of pests, such as fungus gnats.

After testing many brands of organic nutrients we can recommend only one. It has the benefit of being designed by a professional marijuana grower. The manufacturer has made sure to arrange the nutritional mix so it’s ideal for specific marijuana growing seasonal needs. Also, although there still could be minor problems with clogging of aeroponics misters or solid root zone material, this brand has the least problems of any. Its quality control standards are the highest we’ve seen.

Further, this brand is the only one with Organic Input Material (OIM) certification from the California Department of Food and Agriculture. OIM certification is a higher standard than OMRI and other organic inspection protocols, and gives you a higher level of assurance that the product is 100% organic and safe.

Here are the organic marijuana fertilizers we recommend.

Iguana Juice Organic is the only 100% organic one-part base nutrient containing a cannabis-specific blend of primary and secondary nutrient elements, along with amino-chelated micronutrients. The Iguana Juice amino-chelated micronutrients ensure that all Iguana Juice elements are immediately bioavailable for root uptake. With other brands of organic fertilizer, some nutrient elements aren’t immediately bioavailable, if at all.

Iguana Juice comes in a phased grow-specific and bloom-specific version, and is ultra-filtered for smooth use in a wide range of marijuana growing systems, including soil, soilless and pure hydroponics.

It’s the only truly organic base fertilizer for organic marijuana that creates fast growth and huge yields — comparable to what you get if you use synthetic hydroponics nutrients.

Big Bud Organic bloom booster is the only organic bloom booster made for marijuana. Big Bud contains elements and other materials that increase the size, weight and cannabinoid percentages of your buds. It goes way beyond the typical P and K (phosphorus and potassium) focus of other bloom booster brands. For example, Big Bud Organic has iron, magnesium, calcium, citrate and activated amino acids that make it a fantastic bud bulker.

Bud Candy Organic is the only custom-built carbohydrate product made for organic marijuana. It’s a sweet feeder for root-zone beneficial microbes that enhance cannabis roots. Bud Candy Organic also sends a wide range of carbohydrates into your plants, leading to more THC, CBD other cannabinoids, and terpenoids, as well as sweeter taste and scent. This pure, well-blended product creates bigger, tastier organic marijuana buds.

Ancient Earth Organic contains humic and fulvic acids, derived from rare, naturally occurring, complex materials produced by Nature millions of years ago. These compounds enrich the root zone so roots can take in organic nutrients faster.

The manufacturer told us these organic marijuana fertilizer products can be used in combination with synthetic hydroponics nutrients—they’re not just for 100% organic marijuana gardens. We often use them in an alternating feed program so our cannabis plants have rapidly-available synthetic nutrients and a storehouse of organic materials to feed on. We call this our synthetic-organic program, and we’ll be giving you a specific line-up for it in a future article. For now, try out the organic fertilizers just described, and you’ll see that they outperform all the other brands on the market.